Submitting Your Music & Other Services

Want to be featured on my blog? Just follow the steps below! I offer an array of write-ups that can be tailored to your perfect post. I also provide artist-development services to help with marketing and branding, or to help answer any questions you may have about the industry.

Please keep in mind that I get a lot of submissions! I try to respond promptly, but here’s what you can do to help expedite the process:

1. Use the contact form below to send your music for consideration. You can also use the form to request additional information or ask any questions.

2. Wait to receive an e-mail address letting you know if your music is a strong fit for Spice on the Beat.

3. Choose the option for which type of write-up you would like, and process the payment.

4. Send me an e-mail with:

Your post selection, the best way to contact you (preferably which e-mail address), streaming links to your project that you are highlighting, 2-3 artist pictures, cover art, artist bio, and your social media handles.

Connecting with me on Instagram/Twitter and subscribing below are great ways to stay up-to-date with the process of your post.

Posts are typically live within 1-2 weeks of receiving payment, but if it’s an exceptionally long process or if I have a long queue of projects to get through, times may vary. If you have a specific date you would like the post to air by, please ensure that it is at least 2 weeks away. Posts with less than 2 weeks’ notice can be purchased for an additional fee. If you have any questions or have any other ideas for a sponsored post that isn’t mentioned below, please contact me by e-mail.

Let’s connect.

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Blog Feature

For $40 you can get a full-page feature that reaches thousands of readers. Followers will be notified, and the post will be shared on all social media pages. All of the artist’s streaming and promotional sites will be publicized as well. Simply attach the streaming links (preferably Youtube/Spotify/Soundcloud), cover art, artist picture, bio, and any other information you would like included.

Blog Feature


First Look

Have a brand new project dropping and looking for somewhere to premiere it? Well look no further. If you set up a private SoundCloud link, you can stream your new song or album on Spice on the Beat before it drops as an exclusive! This includes a small write-up on the artist and a detailed look at the new music. You can also opt to add an interview to the feature.

First Look


Interview Feature

For $45, the artist can partake in an interview that will be conducted over e-mail and featured on the blog. With thought-provoking and in-depth questions, arts will have the opportunity to answer a series of questions about their music, plug any projects they have going on, and link any of their social media pages and platforms. This can be combined with the Blog Feature, First Look, or Complete Album Review.

Interview Feature


Complete Album Review (1-15 Songs)

Want a deep dive into your album? Let others know how your album or EP is doing by getting a full review on each individual track, from the raps to the production to the overall feel. This will include streaming links to the complete project, which will be blasted on add social media platforms.

Complete Album Review 1-15 Songs


Complete Album Review (16-30 Songs)

Complete Album Review 16-30 Songs


Expedite Write-Up

Want your post by a guaranteed date quicker than the 2-week window? Select this option to push your write-up to the front of the line and have it posted on a specific day of your choosing.

Expedite Write-Up


Artist Services

Artist Bio

Every artist should have a cohesive and creative biography outlining their sound, story, and accomplishments. $15 gets you a professionally written bio (in plain text) that can be used for social media pages, Spotify For Artists, music distributors, and whatever else your heart desires. This will be a hands-on and collaborative experience that will not be complete until you are perfectly content with it.

Artist Bio


Electronic Press Kit (EPK)

For just $40 you can have a custom-made Electronic Press Kit (as a PDF) with a professional, customizable layout. All links work to connect readers directly to social media pages and music. This can either be used with your artist bio, or it can be paired with the Artist Bio option for an additional $15. Examples are included below.

Electronic Press Kit


Single-Release Campaign

Have a new song that you’re getting ready to release? Not exactly sure what your next steps should be? For a 1 time fee, you get a comprehensive 2-week calendar outlining your next steps. This is a collaborative effort tailored to your brand as an artist. The first week includes the week leading up to the premiere, with the following week detailing the song’s first week on streaming services. This also includes a First-Look option and can be bumped up to an Interview Feature for an additional $15, as well as a complete social media analysis to rate your online presence as an artist. Paid promo is not included.

Single-Release Campaign

Includes 2-week calendar and First Look post. Can be bumped up to Interview Feature for extra $15.


Album-Release Campaign

After all of the hard work that goes into an album, it’s difficult to figure out how to get the word out. This option gives you 1 full month of day-by-day steps to publicize your project and to get the word out. It is customized to your brand as an artist, and is a hands-on experience. This also includes a Complete Album Review and can be bumped up to an Interview Feature for an additional $15, as well as a complete social media analysis to rate your online presence as an artist. Paid promo is not included.

Album-Release Campaign

Includes 1-month calendar and Complete Album Review. Can be bumped up to Interview Feature for extra $15.


Zoom Consultation

Not entirely sure what you need as an artist? For $50, you can get a 1-hour Zoom Consultation to ask whatever questions you may have. I can provide advice, resources, and skills that you may need to take your passion for music to the next step. Additional services can be discussed, and Social Media Analyses can be requested during the consultation.

Zoom Consultation

1 hour session


Quality Control

If you would like to have your song heard and assessed from an objective point of view, this is the option for you. With the help of industry professionals, I will listen to the quality of your mixing to make sure your song sounds professional and radio-ready. I will take the time to really listen through your song, and provide you with honest feedback about its strengths and what can be improved.

Quality Control

Price per song.


Artist Testimonials

“One of the most genuine people I’ve connected with on my creative journey. She takes time to digest every aspect of your music and give the art the same amount of care and respect you created it with. Her love for hip hop is authentic and deeply rooted, and one conversation with her will make you feel extremely blessed that her light shines on this culture. Y’all need to tap in!”

— Curt Summers

“First things first thank you to Thank you Shaana for even taking the time out to thoroughly research and listen to my E.P. “A Little Music While You Wait” (ALMWYW) and my single/visual “Unify”. With ALMWYW the breakdown was awesome. The comparisons are honestly a huge compliment. Truly love her heart for the culture.

As I spoke to her during our interview that love for the culture shined brighter than any of the questions asked. Although she got it in with the questions. I really really enjoyed them. I really can’t wait for her to hear and see these next pieces of Art we have for the culture in 2021. If any Artist or Producer wants a solid and thoroughly researched review & interview in 2021 I highly recommend Shaana’s platform”

— Cloak the Scribe

“Our music is born of the tension between the desire to hide, and the willingness to be found and shown that what we do can relate to others’ emotions. Which is why having our EP reviewed by Shaana was such a fulfilling experience. On the one hand, she actually got it: she patiently peeled the layers of our music, traced its genealogies, and dissected with surgical precision the sounds and the inspirations.  On the other hand, she found warm and sincere words to describe how she felt, and in the process shared fragments of her story and her identity. As musicians, I doubt that we can ask our listeners and reviewers for anything more than this powerful combination of analysis and confession.”

Udon Valis Collective

“Reaching out to Shaana was definitely worth it. She got my review back pretty quickly (even though it was during the Christmas holiday). Her review was very thorough, she didn’t skim or skimp on details about the project. You can tell she dove into the project and that’s what I really appreciated. If you’re a new artist or just looking for some feedback, definitely hit her up!”


“As an Indie artist it is super important to get as much press as possible from bonafide outlets like Thank you to Shaana for the high level of professionalism, great write-up on my “Black Woman” song, which happened to be my most listened to song in 2020. She captured the true essence of the song and helped to put more ears on it. Spice On The Beat has definitely helped my PR efforts and I’ll continue 
to drop exclusives with them in 2021 and beyond.”

— Serious Voice

“Shaana’s in depth review of one of my songs definitely had me looking more serious to my audience. She cares about the culture and her writing skills are needed!”


Reader Testimonials

“I continually get in inspired by you and often find myself in conversation about your fresh perspective and holistic outlook on Hip Hop culture with my conscious friends. It’s not very often that we get to witness greatness….I mean the kind that allows you to see Prince write Purple Rain, Michael Jackson inventing the Moon Walk, Michael Jordan deciding that he’s going to play game 5 with the flu, Michelangelo painting the Sistine chapel or Questlove and Black Thought meeting at the High School for Creative and Performing Arts, but here we have something special. It’s the golden ticket. That front row seat on the journey. MD birthed you, Philly raised you, and now the world has to deal with this force.

Thank you for all that you do for the culture and I look forward to your future contributions/ innovations and to being your biggest supporter.”

— Chavar Dollard

“After coming across this post by [Shaana Jhangiani], I checked out more of her blog and noticed how much she delves deeply into her passion for hip-hop. It’s hard for me to put into words what this culture means to me, so I have a lot of respect for anyone who takes the time to do so out of love for the art.”

— Markis Precise

“More than half a decade ago, I was Shaana’s tutor when she fought for and won the right to write her final IB project on the history of hip-hop. It’s hard to say who learned more from whom after all those years ago. I’ve been proud of her for years. No end in sight.”

Kisa Lape