Philly’s Phinest: M11SON

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If there was ever a notable Philly’s Phinest post for me to write, it’s about this next artist, M11SON (pronounced Mason). I met M11SON right before the pandemic at Studio Breed, where he’s one of the owners on top of the millions of projects he works on at once. When we first talked, we hit it off fairly quickly. From there, he became one creative in Philly who I really respect and whose friendship I cherish deeply. I have had the privilege of sitting in on quite a few of M11SON’s recording sessions, and his process is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Mainly because there is no process (not that I could piece together, at least)! We sit around and hang out, drinking whatever we can get our hands-on. The producer (usually either Mavericc or Lectriq, who are both remarkable) plays something new for us all to check out. A couple of minutes will go by, and I won’t even realize that M11SON’s been mumbling quietly to himself with his phone in his hand, typing away. The next thing I know, he hops in the booth and creates absolute magic out of thin air. It will never cease to amaze me! This man has the most extensive collection of songs I have ever encountered, ensuring that he never has a dry spell when releasing music (a tip that I recommend for every artist!). My favorite part is the variety, spanning genres, influences, styles, and everything in between. It’s easily one of the most diverse catalogs I have ever listened to. If I’m being frank, I simply didn’t write this post sooner because I had no idea where to start.

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