EP Review – Udon Valis Collective’s ‘Instrumental Variables, Vol. I’

I’m not exactly sure how to start this write-up, because this has easily been the most intimidating feature I’ve ever written. The story behind this UK collective is one for the books, with no pun intended as we dive deeper into the inspiration and literary influences behind this whimsical group of artists. It’s a bit difficult to pinpoint just how this group got its start because it’s comprised of so many moving parts. And yet, the music doesn’t reflect that. Yes, the music is intricate and has a lot of layers. Each track off of the group’s new five-song EP Instrumental Variables, Vol. I has its own distinct sound, with some featuring a completely different set of musicians than others. But if you listen to the EP all the way through, you wouldn’t realize it. Despite the unique features, from jazzy sax solos to mixed in recorded monologues, the songs find a way to piece themselves together. This EP is like a shelter, where all of these artists with their own stories have taken refuge, coming together to make it their home. It’s magical to see, and I honestly hope that I can give it the justice it deserves in trying to analyze their sounds and stories a bit. 

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