Women Aren’t Free Without Control Over Our Bodies

Artwork by Ashley Lukashevsky. TW for heavy mentions of abortion.

It’s been an exhausting week to be a woman. I mean, most days can get exhausting. If you’re an avid news reader or social media user, you know some highly pivotal laws are up for debate. Laws deal with women’s health. That are, for some absurd reason, being discussed by predominantly old white conservative men. The past few years introduced some unsettling individuals into the Supreme Court, and this is a perfect example of why. Earlier this week, it was released that the Supreme Court would be debating the landmark cases Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey. According to a released first draft, the majority already intended to override both cases that have shaped history and protected women everywhere. Let it be known that while these cases are in place, they still have not made it easy for women all over the US to receive the kind of care and nurture they deserve in this matter. But even with limiting restrictions in place, the option was still available. Unfortunately, we have already witnessed terrifying events in history manifest themselves in new ways since the past few elections. We have seen a lifetime in which women did not have the right to choose what they should do with their bodies. History has shown that women will remain resilient in doing what they believe needs to be done even without safe, legal options available. To demonstrate why a woman deserves the right to choose (besides common sense reasons such as equality, fundamental rights, etc.), I’ve compiled a variety of Hip-Hop songs from several perspectives that outline issues dealing with abortion rights. 

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