Fuck Your Bad Day

It feels like every time I plan a celebratory or positive post, some sort of injustice or tragedy has occurred, diverting my attention to more pressing matters. This week, we had not one, but two mass shootings take place. One took place in Boulder, Colorado, and the other in Atlanta, Georgia. While the police haven’t discovered a motive behind the Colorado shooting as yet, the Atlanta shooting was racially charged, exemplifying just one more hate crime towards Asian Americans since the beginning of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Violence against Asians has spiked since former President and forever dipshit Donald Trump referred to the virus as the “China Virus”, the “Kung Flu,” and numerous other scientifically inaccurate (but I guess who needs science, right?) names that linked it directly to the country. Unfortunately, just like Americans do to brown people, they linked the virus to all Asian people, sparing no one, not even the elderly. Someone equated the increase in attacks as to how Sikhs and Muslims were treated after 9/11, and the parallels are disturbing, especially considering the lack of concrete evidence linking the virus to China. As the country diverts its attention to ethnic and religious minority groups, we are once again witnessing white men get away with terrorist attacks simply because of their blinding privilege, and honestly, it’s infuriating. As a result, I wanted to write this post to show the beautiful ways Hip-Hop has paid homage to Asian culture through lyrics over the decades.

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