New Single-Allura’s World “Bad Bitch Energy”

Dallas R&B singer Allura’s World has a brand new single out titled, “Bad Bitch Energy.” With a title like that, you already know the song is all about empowering women to recognize their self worth and to remember that they should always look out for themselves first and foremost. If you’re ever feeling down and tend to forget just how incredible you are, then this song is the extra bit of positivity you need to embrace your divine self. Not only are the vocals soothing and beautiful, but the lyrics, “I pledge allegiance to myself, to my wealth, and to my mental health,” will serve as your new daily affirmation to remind you that you are, in fact, that bitch.♥

Allura has professional training in multiple aspects of performing arts, including music, dance, and theatre, making her a triple threat. With experience performing with The Black Academy of Arts and Letters and the IMPACT Youth Choir at her local church growing up, the stage has always been her second home, and it shows through her confidence which can be seen on full display via her social media platforms. Allura has also been writing her own lyrics and stories from an early age, and her comfort with sharing her narrative through clever and powerful wordplay shines through in her songs. As a young, beautiful woman navigating her way through the music industry, she’s no stranger to adversity and obstacles, and yet, she’s used those experiences to shape her craft and give her a strength that you can hear through her vocals. She’s the perfect mix of gorgeous, sexy, confident, talented, and intelligent, and she’s set to show the world that society’s idea of the independent, successful woman is constantly evolving, and she’s evolving with it.

Allura took the time to talk to me about some of the inspirations behind “Bad Bitch Energy,” which you can find below.

Allura, I am so excited to have a bit of your time! I love everything about your look and the way that you present yourself, so I’m excited to learn a bit more about you. Let’s start with the basics. What made you create the concept of Allura’s World? 

Allura: “Growing up, I was always the kid that never really fit into any groups nor did I have many friends. I always felt extremely different from my peers. I am not sure if it was because I was more mature or if it was because I was more creative and saw things from a different perspective. When I was younger, I remember always trying to find ways to creatively express myself through music, dance, and even theatre, but it seems like as I got older that part of me started to fade. I found myself wanting to do things that were more socially acceptable, ultimately becoming this false version of myself. It wasn’t until I reached the lowest point in my life that I realized I was doing a disservice to my inner child by not living in my truth. This is how I created Allura’s World because I am a person who is in the world, but not of the world …. I’m simply just a soul having an experience.”

Beautifully put. So what would you say does Allura’s World consist of?

Allura: “Allura’s World is a world where I have the ability to let my guard down, where I have the ability to express myself in any way that I choose without fear of judgement or mockery, where I don’t fear being vulnerable, and where my boundaries are clear and accepted … a world where I can just be.”

I’m just now learning about the importance of boundaries and it has truly been a game changer, so I’m so glad that you’ve found a way to enforce that in your life. Let’s talk about your experience in the music industry a bit.

It seems as though the industry loves to pit women artists against one another. There’s always only a top female rapper, whereas men don’t typically have to fight for that spot to earn respect. I know that you’re extremely passionate about women’s empowerment, which I absolutely love. How do you try to uplift other women in the industry rather than fall into the pressures of having to compete with them?

Allura: “When I first started this journey, I was no different. I felt as if there could only be 1 person at the top as well. I found myself in these imaginary competitions with people who don’t even know I exist. But as I continued creating music and also working on myself it was then that I realized that the only person I need to be in competition with is myself. You find peace when you realize that your only opponent is YOU. I uplift women by  always having something positive to say about them and their work. I try to make sure I give compliments and make them feel as seen as possible.”

I’ve always found that a compliment from another woman is far more exciting than any compliment from a man, haha. I definitely understand how easy it is to fall into those pressures, though. Would you say that because of that, women overall face more obstacles in succeeding in the music industry? 

Allura: “Absolutely. Women face way more obstacles than men. Not only do we face struggles musically, but there is also the struggle of body image. We don’t have the luxury of worrying about just the music or just being creative, we also have the worries of fitting into the ONE mold the industry is pushing. I can’t even begin to express how many times I see people over exerting themselves to have the same slim waist and wide hips as their favorite artist or how many times I hear the conversation of plastic surgery every day. We are being forced into one body type, one mold, and one image. It’s sickening.”

You’re so right! I even find that on social media, because I don’t look like the women who share my features, I feel physically inferior, when in reality, there’s a certain beauty about everyone that should be celebrated.

Moving on to your new single, “Bad Bitch Energy,”I absolutely love this track. Iit is super relatable, and you sound absolutely beautiful. What is bad bitch energy to you? 

Allura: “Bad bitch energy is the way a woman carries herself, how she maintains composure during unfavorable situations all while having an unfuckwithable demeanor.”

Did a particular experience inspire this song or is it more collective moments over the years?

Allura: “This song was inspired by all of my failed connections. I have officially reached burnout which is why the song leads with “my soul is on a budget”. I can no longer afford to spend my energy in places where it is not reciprocated. In this chapter of my life, I am treating my energy like currency and spending it deservingly.”

That last thing you said, yes!!! I love it!!!! You are so spot on. I used to give 100% to everyone and anyone, including those who were undeserving, and it was exhausting! I’m learning to be more selective and to use that energy loving myself before anyone else. Speaking of, there’s one line in the track that I want to focus on. I love that in the track, you mention focusing on your mental health. I’m a huge advocate for that. It’s amazing that in 2021 it’s now so normalized to discuss mental health and lines like that make it easier to do so. What pushed you to write that?

Allura: “When people say health is wealth we often prioritize our physical fitness over our mental health. During the pandemic, when things were still, I was suddenly able to be more alone with my thoughts and I realized that a lot of them were unpleasant. Your inner voice should be positive and uplifting … a direct reflection of you. I did not want my reflection to be unpleasant as well which is when I realized that mental health is just as important as physical health and you should always CHOOSE YOU. Self-care isn’t selfish.”

Amazing. You hit the nail on the head. Our inner critic holds so much more weight than we think, and because of that we put ourselves through so much abuse when in reality, if any other person said these things to us, we would recognize the disrespect. Coming to peace with oneself is truly an incredible feeling. Now would you say that this only women benefit from this message, or can it apply to men as well?

Allura: “This song is definitely gender neutral because I feel as though men are fed up with negative attachments and disappointments as well. We have all reached the point where we are looking for something that is not draining or complicated.”

And what do you want people to feel when they hear this track?

Allura: “With this track, I just want people to feel seen. I know I am not the only person that feels this way and is starting to value their peace over meaningless connections.”

I don’t know about you, but 2020 was definitely full of meaningless connections. Just trying to find company during such an isolated time meant lowering my standards significantly, and I’ve finally recognized that. But here’s to a more promised future in 2021 and 2022. Speaking of, what other projects are you working on for the rest of 2021?

Allura: “I have another single, Bet I Gotchu dropping on October 6, 2021 and my Christmas single and video Merry Litmas dropping this winter!” Fans can expect new music now that I have really found my sound and my overall message. 

I can’t wait to see this video! Where can your listeners connect with you to stay updated on these releases?

Allura: “Follow me on instagram, facebook, twitter, and my favorite TikTok @itsallurasworld

Amazing, thank you so much Allura! Make sure to connect with her on her socials. Not only is her IG full of beautiful photos, but her Tik Tok continues to uplift women and may even have a few things in store for her next release.



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