New Single – L.H.’s “Zone”

After the release of his two EP’s, Hennessequa and T2B2, Chicago rapper L.H. is back with a new single titled “Zone.” L.H. has learned that the key to the music industry is to master the business side as well as his artistry, and he has done so by creating his own label, Visual Audio, which he uses to release his music. In having complete creative control, L.H. puts his whole self into each song, letting his personality and life story guide you through each track.

As soon as the song starts, L.H.’s energy is infectious, and it carries on throughout the whole track. It’s evident that he has a lot of fun making music, and it makes the song that much more fun to turn up to. The production of the track complements L.H.’s flow, allowing his tempo to be the main driver for the song. His dynamics keep the song interesting, utilizing a variety of rhyme schemes throughout the track to showcase his versatility.

I think what’s fun about this song is that it’s definitely current, but the production is reminiscent of Curren$y’s mixtapes and that whole era of music. Heavy-hitting bars laced over chill, intergalactic beats that have their own story. My favorite moments throughout the song include every time L.H. switches up on the listener and slows things down; it always takes me by surprise and piques my interest.

Overall, the song is jam-packed with zest and vigor, demonstrating L.H.’s potential and versatility as an emcee. The choice of production was unusual for the song, but fit it perfectly to ensure that L.H.’s abilities were at the forefront. I’m definitely curious to hear how L.H. approaches different styles. This song shows that he can bring the heat and aggression to intimidate his haters, so it makes me wonder how he would do with a simpler flow.

The song is featured on L.H,’s newest project, Xxxhibition. L.H.’s rugged charisma carries on across all six songs, and each track has production even more intriguing than the last. It’s a solid, cohesive EP and it sticks true to L.H.’s sound while illustrating the different layers to it.

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