First Look – Jupitor tha Enlightened One’s “Illuminatcha”

Up-and-coming rapper Jupitor tha Enlightened One has a brand new single premiering tomorrow, and Spice on the Beat has an exclusive first look at the new track, “Illuminatcha.” Born and raised in Denver, Colorado, Jupitor bounced from location to location, using different cities like Santa Cruz and St. Petersburg to enlighten him further and shape his journey. By traveling to different states, Jupitor has learned to incorporate various aspects of iconic regional sounds to create a flow telling of his story. “Illuminatcha” reflects this vividly, recounting Jupitor’s beliefs and ideals to introduce himself to his listeners.

As Jupitor tha Enlightened One makes his mark on the scene, there’s no doubt that his name is the perfect way to encapsulate his music. His music is transportive and otherworldly, taking the listener to faraway realms way beyond basic comprehension. The visual images Jupitor conjures up in his songs is one of his strongest suits, painting a picture with his words that perfectly fit his production. His flow is smooth and lazy, emulating his calm and spiritual demeanor. Overall, it appears that Jupitor’s music illustrates his most conscious and vulnerable being, hoping to present the listener with a life of fulfillment and peace.

You can check out the unlisted track below. Once it’s released, I’ll edit the article to include the streaming link if you’d like to save it to your liked tracks and keep it on repeat!

The song begins with production reminiscent of a music box, whisking the audience away on a whimsical and fantastical trip. Jupitor’s lyrics then take the listener on another type of trip (think less Star Wars and more Matrix), revealing life’s truths that he’s accumulated over time and how others can experience a similar awakening all on their own. He expresses this through his mysterious hook, repeating that he’ll “illuminatcha,” by teaching the listener how to live a life similar to his. Jupitor describes his experiences with psychedelics, as mirrored through his flow, imagery, and production, debunking the negative connotations surrounding them by showing how they can elevate the listener. The song dies down to an imaginative outro, urging the listener to take in their surroundings and appreciate the natural wonder in them.

Unfortunately, a lot of the subject matter in the track is a bit beyond my scope (despite quite a bit of it deriving from my culture). At moments, I wasn’t entirely sure what was being rapped about, simply because I hadn’t experienced those topics. And then it dawned on me that that was the point of the song. To be introduced to other worlds and realms that you may not have recognized before. Whether you believe in it or internalize it is up to the listener, but Jupitor successfully captivates you regardless through his easy-going flow and enchantingly memorizing production, and for that, I’m impressed. It’s difficult to tell of a journey quite like this through rapping, and Jupitor does so while remaining authentic to himself and his beliefs.

To keep up with Jupitor and his up-and-coming releases, you can connect with him below!

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