New EP – K-Freeze’s ‘Limitless’

Newcomer to the rap industry, K-Freeze has a new EP, Limitless, that heavily incorporates alternative rap music to make the 3-track project what it is.

Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, K-Freeze relocated to Birmingham, Alabama, where he launched his rap career. Drawing inspiration from edgy artists whose creativity helped build the sub-genre of alternative rap, K-Freeze utilizes styles made popular by artists like Trippie Redd, XXXtentacion, Lil Uzi Vert, and Juice Wrld. He first debuted his sound with his single, “Bruce Banner,” after making music for just two years to help cope with being on probation for drug charges. The music helped him escape when he had very little mobility, and the passion only intensified the more he did it. As he’s continued to release singles throughout 2021, “Limitless” was his first EP released this year to wrap things up on his 21st birthday.

K-Freeze’s newest EP demonstrates that the young artist is willing to take risks and push boundaries beyond conventional rap music, a trend that has only become mainstream in the past few years. The EP is comprised of 3 tracks, “Today!”, “Duffle”, and “Replay”. I personally think “Today!” is my favorite track of the 3, featuring maniacal production that’s dark and rugged to work with K-Freeze’s deep auto-tuned voice. K-Freeze also takes an interesting approach with his flow, featuring a lot of syncopation and off-beat rhymes to create a chaotic and urgent delivery.

On 2 out of 3 of the songs, K-Freeze utilizes autotune to create a futuristic, distopian scene around his tracks. However, he switches things up on “Duffle” when he turns it off, showcasing a much more raw and aggressive flow. For only having 3 songs, K-Freeze also boldly chose to keep each song under 1.5 minutes, surprising the listeners with abrupt stops to keep them guessing about what else he has under his belt.

K-Freeze’s singles, however, including the track, “Forever,” demonstrate a much more relaxed side to the artist, exemplifying his variety and ability to attempt different styles to create a diverse discrography. Personally, I prefer the young rapper on more relaxed songs like this, and although I can be picky on the overuse of autotune and filters, I do really like how he uses it to enhance his sound. Click through K-Freeze’s Spotify and make sure to connect with him on the social pages listed below to let him know how you’re feeling his sound!

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