New Single – Grabbz’ “Toonies Loonies”

Toronto emcee Grabbz is newer to the game, making his musical debut just a few months ago in January with his song, “Nasty.” Since 2014, Grabbz had been focusing his time on his Canadian Grabba company, Hotgrabbz. In just a month, the song picked up momentum, accumulating an easy 20,000 streams on Spotify and earning Grabbz an 8.2/10 on Reverb Nation’s Crowd Review. By February, Grabbz secured a spot on Yo Gotti’s “Dolla Fo Dolla” challenge, demonstrating further that he was determined to make 2022 his year. His newest track, “Toonies Loonies” hit streaming services on March 1st and can be heard everywhere now, and I got a chance to talk further with the entrepreneur-turned-rapper about the song.

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