Philly’s Phinest – The InGlorious

If you follow my concert series, Cadence in the Clouds, on Instagram, then you may have seen a trio that you haven’t heard before, but whose sound rivals many of those on the charts. Back in March, I got to welcome The InGlorious, a local Philly group, to the stage to perform a set, one that exceeded all expectations.

Photos by Frame of Reference

The duo features Kyle and Stacey, each extremely talented in their own ways. Stacey leads the group with his vocals but often receives a helping hand from Kyle, whose vocals and song-writing are just as up to par as his incredible skill on a variety of instruments. The group typically performs as a duo, but we were lucky enough to have Wayne join us on the guitar and absolutely kill it. Stacey and Kyle have known one another since childhood, and their bond both in friendship and music is apparent the minute they step on the stage. While they have played together since 2011, they officially become ‘The InGlorious’ in 2016, and have released a number of that are highly worth checking out.

Their musicality shines through in every aspect of their sound, demonstrating their ability to write meaningful and heartfelt lyrics with music to match the feel. Each song showcases their appreciation for music, drawing influence from a number of genres to carefully handcraft each piece. The minute I discovered their music on Spotify, simply after a quick search of some hashtags on Instagram, I was hooked. Stacey’s range blew me away, and their songs truly did leave a lasting impression on me. But goodness, when I met them and got to watch them live, my first thoughts were only further confirmed. This group has the ability to make it. They are the epitome of raw talent, and I would love to see their careers flourish. It’s clear that they have a lot of education and training in music, but that doesn’t stop them from taking risks and pushing boundaries, allowing their music to be the driving force.

When the 3 of them took to the stage, their kindness and humble manners captivated the crowd. And yet their calm demeanors didn’t prevent them from putting on an electric show. Their slow pieces were mesmerizing, and their faster-paced tracks were infectious, drawing the audience to sing along to lyrics that they just heard for the first time. There was no battle for the spotlight; each one of them complimented each other beautifully, and you could see just how much they all respected each other musically. Since Cadence in the Clouds, the group has also performed a tour for SoFar Sounds, bringing their inspiring energy to a number of cities.

The group is preparing for their first album, which I’m sure is going to be some of their best work yet. It brings me a lot of joy to say that they were our first artists to hit the Cadence in the Clouds stage, because they are the exact type of talent Philly has to offer that deserves so much more recognition. Check out these guys at their socials below, because this is just the beginning for them.

All photos by the amazing Frame of Reference

Our next Cadence in the Clouds show is taking place Friday, May 13th! Make sure to get your tickets now, we’ll be featuring two new amazing artists, Noely and Prlm Chld.

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