Who Are They Protecting

TW: Racism, Police Brutality, Violence, Terrorism

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or in ignorant bliss (in which case I am very jealous), then you know about the events that rocked Washington DC. Trump lovers, Klansmen, Blue Lives Matters supporters, and anti-maskers/QAnon (yes, apparently they’re all different????) joined forces to protest… Well… I’m not exactly sure what they were protesting. Was it the Georgia election? Do they even know what they were protesting? Was that even protesting when you’re just asking the government to overturn democracy? Okay, whatever. Either way, they gathered together in their maskless glory, donning American flags and other obnoxious costumes, to storm the Capitol building. Well, not exactly storm, seeing as there wasn’t a whole lot of force used. Instead, they just kinda meandered in, with no real hurry and no fear of repercussions. It really makes you wonder where all of those tanks and guns were when we were faced to face with them during the Black Lives Matter protests. Wait, there was no National Guard either?! Wow. Maybe it’s because there was no real cause for protesting, whereas we were fighting for racial injustices and police brutality; two very present issues that go hand in hand. Apparently, trying to keep your Black friends safe is more dangerous than being an angry and fucking idiotic white supremacist who didn’t get their way. And yes, you had your token minorities, as you always do. But let’s be honest, because this country has completely given up on trying to hide this fact. White people can get away with 10x worse than Black and Brown people. These people got away with bringing BOMBS into the Capitol building! Whereas my family and I can’t even go into airports without being randomly selected, because clearly, I’m hiding something in my shoe. As a result, I’ve decided to talk about the police and the very different ways that they treat Black and white people. In hip-hop lyrics, of course.

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