The Success of Every Woman is Inspiration to Another

I have a strange relationship with my womanhood. I love being a woman. I think we are divine, with bodies and minds that are capable of breathtaking things. However, it’s also the source of a lot of my frustration. It makes me angry that I’ve had to leave or second-guess positions because of men who don’t know how to treat me with respect and professionalism. It makes me angry that I’m not always taken seriously and that my appearance will often be the main focus. It makes me angry that people think they can treat me like a second-class citizen. And it really makes me fucking angry that I go out in public fully clothed, just for people to undress me with their eyes, invading my personal boundaries with no possibility of consent because the advances are unspoken and indirect. Even after everything women have done for this country, we still often find ourselves demanding respect. On the final day of March, I want to celebrate Women’s History Month with Hip-Hop lyrics that uphold the names of women who have overcome obstacles to leave an imprint on history, cementing their legacies in poetic raps. No matter how others treat me, I’ll forever cherish being a strong woman with the stubbornness and willpower to continue fighting no matter what life throws at me.

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