Trump’s Downfall

In Politics, Society, and Hip-Hop.

“Me and all my peoples, we always thought he was straight. Influential mother fucker when it came to the business. But now, since we know how he really feel, here’s how we feel.”


I struggled with deciding if I should make this post simply because I was worried that I would offend someone or that people wouldn’t want to read something politically fueled. But with the election picking up, I decided to say fuck it. I want this blog to be personal, vulnerable, and 100% me, and to edit out this part of my life would mean that I wasn’t being genuine. Everything that I post is opinion-based and from my perspective, so even if you do have a different perspective (and even if I do get aggressively passionate about this), I’m not saying that this is the right answer or the only way things should be. However, I do draw a line at hate, racism, misogyny, and inequality. Additionally, because I do feel that over the past few years artists have stepped up to the plate and been a sense of comfort as we have witnessed our country regress, I would like to do the same. During these times of darkness when I felt pessimistic, hip-hop, in particular, has been a safety blanket by reminding me that I’m not alone.

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