New Single – Gourme7’s “Chosen”

Over the past few days, I interviewed Gourme7, an artist from Chambersburg, PA. Gourme7’s musical journey has taken him from one end of the United States to the other. He was originally born in Pittsburgh, grew up in Chambersburg, attended school at Shippensburg University, but then found himself in Las Vegas after realizing that music and film were the two things he truly wanted to pursue. After getting sick and recovering from paralyzation, he ended up back in Chambersburg. However, he made sure that his time in Vegas was not for nothing, and incorporated everything he learned from the Nevada music scene into his art to make it something fresh and new on the East Coast.

His newest single, “Chosen”, really sounds like nothing I’ve personally heard before. His production stands out by incorporating an amazing guitar melody that sounds like something that could be in soft rock or even folk, separating it from basic rap beats. In all honesty, it reminds me a lot of Travis Scott’s production and how it combines two completely different genres; a soft and soothing string section over a rhythmic drum machine. Although this song features more singing than rapping, it’s clear that he’s able to do both as he holds an amazing tune. The use of autotune isn’t usually my cup of tea, but this is done in a way that showcases his ability to stay on pitch and sound great without it, rather than relying heavily on it to make the song.

His 2019 debut album, Bad Dreams, features similar production that crosses genres. While each song flows really well collectively, they all have different unique features in their production to stand out. The title song, “Bad Dreams”, features an intriguing beat that has some really cool synths to give it a more whimsical sound. The whole concept of “bad dreams” is executed in a really cool way, with the imagery holding to be really strong throughout the entire track. “Best Life” and “Ou7side” both also feature some really cool strings. In fact, I’d say “Ou7side” probably has my favorite production. “Best Life” overall is a really feel-good song, and the guitar part really reflects that. “Ou7side” has a bit more of a “Yosemite” kind of feel to it, and although the strings are really subtle, they’re extremely effective. They balance amazingly against his voice, and the mixing is done in a way that showcases both of them on some really hypnotic production. “Come Chill” incorporates some gorgeous percussion, with the mallet production and the drum machine almost sounding like the beginning to a dancehall song. The title is honestly perfect for the song too. It has a very sexy vibe to it. “Don’t Go” has a much more melancholy approach to it, and sounds like a Spooky Black song until it fades into Gourme7’s recognizable tone. “Functional” actually samples Doris and Kelley’s “You Don’t Have To Worry”, which I personally recognize most from Common’s “Sweet”. “Midnight” has a bit more energy than the other songs but is definitely a banger. It has more of a traditional trap beat, but the melodic vocals over it contrast in a really cool way. The little switch up in production on the bridge and chorus is SUPER dope though. I reallyyyyy really like that. The whole mood for the song is really cool, and small elements in the production and the chorus really contribute to that. 

When I sat down with Gourme7, we first began by talking about his start and what inspired him to create his art. Then we dove into the quarantine a bit to see what kind of impact it has been having on him, and what plans he has once it’s all over. Check out the interview below:

What inspired your name Gourme7?

G: The name Gourme7 comes from the word Gourmet which is a word for a person with a discerning palate or good taste. So I take this definition in relation to my music.

How would you say you got your start in music?

G: I got my start after years of writing poetry but also I’d freestyle with various people throughout my life before even realizing I wanted to make actual songs.

Would you say that there’s one record that really changed your outlook on music?

G: I could think of a million songs that really hit the spot but currently I really vibe with Trippie Redd’s song “IMMORTAL” because it really sums up the emotions and vibe of being an artist when you really believe in yourself and the journey you’re taking. Oh and Kid Cudi’s “Soundtrack To My Life” is very relatable.

In today’s versatility of music, especially within the hip-hop industry, where would you say you see yourself?

G: I first started with fast paced bars full of metaphors and rhyme schemes but gradually started pulling away from that as I started pulling inspiration from all of the alternative music I grew up listening to. So I’d put myself in the Alternative Rap category, which I describe as not something entirely R&B but also not the old school bar after bar style either. More like the melodic stuff but not lacking the word play.

I know you mentioned that you moved to Las Vegas at one point, how did it influence your music style? Would you say there was a big difference in the PA music scene versus the Vegas music scene?

G: Going out west definitely influenced my sound from the amount of freedom I felt just from being in a new place full of people like me in the artist aspect. I felt free to create whatever I wanted.

Do you have a ritual when it comes to writing songs and picking producers?

G: Originally I would maybe take a shot or two to loosen things up but now I find I enjoy writing on a clear head, but once I record and finalize things I get a little buzzed and always do the car test with a homie to feel the vibe. With production of the beat I try and work with people I know but usually I can play the first couple seconds and just tell if it’s pulling a story or emotion out of me.

In terms of today’s pandemic, it obviously has had a huge impact on artists everywhere. Would you say that the quarantine has helped your creative process or put a bit of a block on it? I know some days I feel super inspired while others are a bit harder to find motivation.

G: Quarantine or no quarantine I always remind myself to take it day by day. There’s nothing worse than wanting to create something dope but things just aren’t coming together the way you need them to, but all the extra time and closed down places definitely make you make time.

What do you think about the trend of quarantine-inspired music?

G: I think it’s great anytime someone creates something, especially during times like this where it might help someone get through something. BUT I kinda dislike the overflow of everyone on one specific topic.

What about the IG live trends?

G: I personally don’t like to be all over social media too much unless promoting but it’s cool seeing people using all the tools available. In fact I probably should get more active!

If things like shows and tours were put on hold for the next few years, what ways would you want to interact with your audience?

G: I’m a big fan of film-making and the content creator vibe, so I dig a good podcast or just checking out the engagement on anything I release.

And now, in terms of your newest project Bad Dreams,

What inspired the title? Was there an overall theme for the project?

G: Bad Dreams, my debut album, was a project I wanted to do to reflect what it’s truly like being a person in this line of work. The single of the same title captures this very well. As an artist there are a lot of times you may be spending your last dollar on another beat, video, or blog in the pursuit of your dreams. Which sometimes is a bad place to be in when other responsibilities and stress comes into play, but it’s the sacrifices that make the difference sometimes. I also deal with a lot of sleep paralysis hahaha.

What would you say is your favorite track off of it?

G: My favorite song is probably Ou7side. I just like the vibe of that one.

You also have a new single, “Chosen”. Can you tell me a little bit about that?

G: Chosen was a song I created after a whole lot of wins. So i was really feeling myself and it’s just a song highlighting the difference in character between myself and others.

What other projects do you have coming up, and how can people reach out to you and find you on social media?

G: My next projects will be one solo EP completely produced by TinoTheSanMan to show the versatility in both of our individual skills and the other project will be an album with some features from some of my peers because I don’t tend to do a lot of collabs. So I’m pretty hype for that one. To keep updated I would definitely recommend subscribing to my YouTube channel @GOURME7 for in depth podcasts, vlogs, and of course music videos. Also I try and keep my Instagram @gourme7_ interesting so I’d definitely head over there and peep some snippets I post from time to time

If you enjoyed this interview, make sure to follow the blog and share with your friends. Listed below is Gourme7’s full album, Bad Dreams, as well as his latest single, “Chosen” and his social media pages. Make sure to check out his music and show him some love!







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