Album Review – L.H.’s ‘Treasured’

L.H. is a 32-year old Chicago based rapper whose versatility has helped him stand out in the rap game. I got a chance to talk to him about some of his newest projects as well as his musical journey. His latest project, Treasured, can be heard on Soundcloud now. His low-fi, chill production, melodic flows, and wistful choruses have all worked together to create an album that makes for the perfect smoke session soundtrack.

Off of the album, “Get Away” is definitely my favorite track. The hook is beautiful and works perfectly with the production to showcase each and every element of the song without overpowering anything. It also does a great job to create the mood for L.H. to provide vulnerable and emotional verses, creating an intimacy throughout the song. What I love about the album is that L.H. has other production that is similar in terms of tone, but not necessarily sound. Each song has its own elements to create sounds that flow really well together. Even songs like “Don’t Saver” which takes a much harder approach with a very Southern style works with the rest of the album to provide a different, more upbeat sound while still fitting with the rest of the album.

I think what I really respect about L.H. is that on the surface he may seem like any other rapper, but his diversity is quite impressive. Each mixtape, album, and single that I’ve gone through has shown different sides of him in a very drastic way, showcasing what all he is capable of. For instance, his single “Still” has a very Russ sound, demonstrating that he can even hold a tune over a melodic guitar. But then he also has a song called “GTFUOMBGTFUOMH” which is aggressive and gritty and vulgar, showing a completely different take on music. However I think my favorite track of his total discography is “The Animal Flow” because it really encapsulates that old school sound, from the jazzy production to his casual, rhythmic flow.

Below you can find our interview that talks a bit about his come-up, his inspiration, and what’s to come next.

So let’s start our questions out with a bit about you.

What’s the story behind your name?

L.H.: “A couple things. The first are a pair of car rims. I seen the Lion Heart rims in a magazine when I was in high school. I liked the logo and name, so I ran with it. After some time, I felt lion heart was a long name , so i just simplified it to ‘L.H.'”

How would you say you got your start in music?

L.H.: “My cousin who went by the rap name of Kelo G ( R.I.P.) . In my early 20’s , my father introduced us after he heard that I started rapping and making music. My cousin took me under his wing by showing me how to rap on the microphone . He also had me do some showcases.”

Would you say that there’s one record that really changed your outlook on music?

L.H.: “Stillmatic 100%. I was not even old enough to buy an explicit album but somehow I got it. I originally purchased it for ‘Either’ but playing the whole CD, I was blown away by the storytelling and lyrics . At the time I’d never heard such detail and poetry in rap music. It made me seek out more similar music. I studied how story telling worked in music and worked it into my craft.”

In today’s versatility of music, especially within the hip-hop industry, where would you say you see yourself?

L.H.: “Eventually becoming one of the best. I work my ass off to be the best artist I can possibly be. I want to be in the top 5 when it’s all said and done.”

Has anything in your life impacted the way you create music?

L.H.: “Being broke haha. That is the biggest factor.  There is so much I would love to do before I die and my talent will help me do so. The better music I make, the bigger fan base I get, the more people will buy into my brand, the more money I get, the more opportunities I’ll have. So never being content and wanting money will always impact my music.”

What’s the first thing you look for when picking out beats for your music?

L.H.: “If I vibe with it. I usually just play a beat and try to find a flow for a hook.”

In terms of today’s pandemic, it obviously has a huge impact on artists everywhere.

Would you say that the quarantine has helped your creative process or put a bit of a block on it?

L.H.: “Nothing ever affects my creativity. The pandemic has not affected my grind or mission statement. I’ve been writing and recording music at the exact same rate. I try not to make no excuses.”

Have you found ways to still work with producers?

L.H.: “Yes I have. They stay sending me beats that they made. I also message them online and let them know if I’m looking for more beats, when I’m going to record to their beats, and when I’m finished with the songs. I try to keep contact as much as possible.”

What do you think about the IG live trends?

L.H.: “Haha I am probably the least active rap artist on any social media platform. I still feel like social media is a form of snitching on yourself and seeking attention, validation.  I am personally very chill and laid back. I like to move at my own pace. It’s pretty much to each is own with the IG live. If you like it, do it but it’s not really for me at the moment.”

If you can’t tour because of the pandemic, what are some ways that you would still perform for your audience?

L.H.: “I just release music as much as possible and chat with them when they send me messages. I keep it simple”

And now, in terms of your newest project,

What inspired the title?

L.H.: “For Treasured, I just felt that the title was right.  The songs are a little more personal and relatable. A couple of tracks you can treasure in your heart.

For Fierce Deity Shit, I just wanted something that sounds hard. I’m a pretty big fan of Zelda artwork ( especially the Majora’s Mask) and I felt that I had material that can be fierce and in your face.”

What has been your favorite track that you’ve created?

L.H.: “Probably ‘Don’t Saver’ . That’s a song where I just went all out and had so much fun.:

Would you say that your style has changed drastically over time?

L.H.: “My style has changed so much. I sound nothing like I did 3 years ago or longer. I finally have a style that I envisioned years ago.”

What other projects do you have coming up, and how can people reach out to you and find you on social media?

L.H.: “When the two projects are done, I’m looking to make another project. I stay creating and making new tracks. Future fans can reach me at @LdotHdot on Twitter and LdotHdot on ig. New music will stay  getting updated on SoundCloud. Check out, hit the ♥, and follow. Everything is always appreciated.”

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