Astronaut Boyz Inc. Press Release

Based out of Aurora, Colorado, Astronaut Boyz Incorporated offers a number of services, from artist management to recording sessions. They’ve used their many talents to live by the following three principles: partner with local artists, communicate the idea that authentic hip-hop is still alive and thriving, and promote the signing of disadvantaged artists in under-served neighborhoods. By doing so, they’ve been able to gain a profit that they return to the communities by donating the sales from records and merchandise. The local charities are dedicated to improving the lives of those around them through food drives and other events. They hope that by developing raw talent, they can help foster personal and spiritual growth so that these artists can reach their maximum potential.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to have your music heard or if you’d like to further develop your artistry, Astronaut Boyz has reached out to me to promote an amazing opportunity. The label, which was originally founded in Aurora, Colorado in 2015 by Adrian Howard, is taking submissions to join the ABI team. Their current mission, to find artists that can join their roster of hip-hop and R&B loving artists, contributes to their larger goal of conveying that authentic hip-hop music is still prevalent… It just needs to be showcased. Whether you’d like to be recorded, mixed, or promoted, ABI can cover your needs as an artist to help you unlock your maximum potential. You can book everything from studio sessions to audio engineering sessions to artist promotion consultation; no matter what, your music will be heard by the right people.

If you’d like to join their wide array of artists, such as BWillz, LPeez, Locco Dollorado, and Marcus Colloway you can reach out by 1 of 2 ways:

  1. Send your mixtape to
  2. Contact ABI via

For more information, you can connect with ABI on social media here:





Sponsored by Astronaut Boyz, Incorporated.

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