How Do You Express Your Love?

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I wanted a bit of a change of pace with this post. I absolutely adore Valentine’s Day; I have ever since I was little. I would go all out in elementary school, with the most obnoxious homemade cards. My poor parents had to put in so much time to help me cut out large hearts. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become more of a fan of Galentine’s Day (thanks to Leslie Knope). Getting wine drunk and eating chocolate in cute pajamas with my girlfriends. Celebrating how lucky I am to have them by my side. Showering them with cute treats and fun cards. I have had some sweet Valentine’s Days; I still remember one year when a guy bought me two boxes of Cheez-Its. That was the real winner. But even without romantic attachment, I still looked forward to the day when I’d see people walking around with teddy bears and gorgeous bouquets. It’s fun to have a day dedicated to going above and beyond to tell those around you that you love them. This year, however, is a bit different. Dating during a global pandemic isn’t easy, and unfortunately, spending it alone, especially without your friends, makes it a bit harder. So to help those who may not have any plans get into the mood, I wanted to highlight the beauty of love languages and the different ways in which you can express your sentiments to those around you. Love languages align with how you display your fondness and can vary by person. Your dominant love language is either GiftsQuality TimePhysical Touch, Words of Affirmation, or Acts of Service. Hip-Hop isn’t typically thought of as the most romantic, so I wanted to make this post to debunk that myth, and possibly give you a fun playlist to listen to while you enjoy a bottle of wine (either by yourself; no shame! Or with a loved one). The irony of it all? I’m very very single, and even after numerous Buzzfeed quizzes, I have no idea what the hell my love language is. So despite how unqualified I am to write this, I hope you enjoy it!

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