Gemini Season

I love sharing with my readers the different elements that make me who I am. One such detail is my star sign. I am not deeply invested in astrology, but I do see how being a Gemini impacts my identity. It’s either that or I really am bipolar, but I’ll leave that up to my therapist to diagnose. I don’t know anything beyond that; hell, I don’t even know what time I was born. I don’t know what a sun sign is. Or a moon sign. I know that I keep getting my life ruined by Libras, which is apparently a common occurrence? Either way, my birthday is coming up in the next few weeks, and tomorrow marks the beginning of Gemini season. So to help my fellow Geminis and I get in the celebratory mood, here are some of the hilarious (and potentially truthful and/or dramatic) ways that rappers have described Geminis. Either out of pride or out of a warning. You can be the judge of that.

One of the defining traits of being a Gemini is having a split personality or two sides. While this is often subject to criticism, I think it’s up to the individual to decide how those two sides are divided. While my one side does tend to harbor more negativity, that’s the side that I attempt to shelve, hiding it away from the world. However, that’s the same side that is willing to stand up for me when the time calls for it. That may be why I find Bone Thugs N’ Harmony’s “It’s All Real” to be so relatable. They rap, “don’t be mistaking my kindness for weakness, humble but ready to rumble. My violent side I can’t deny, I’m like a Jekyll and Hyde, Gemini.” I try to live a life of kindness and nurture, but it is true that if you take advantage of that, I won’t be happy. It’s taken a lot of growth to defend myself, simply because I wanted to see the best in others and only let them see that passive side. But I quickly learned that there is nothing wrong with demanding respect, and sometimes you need to be sharp to get it. My violent side is encompassed by my powerful diction because that’s where my strength lies. So if “you see me quiet, [just know] I’m plotting to riot.” Talib Kweli and Jean Grae incorporate that quick switch in “Black Girl Pain.” I have been accused of side-eying people in public on accident. Another person told me it looked like I would devour them for breakfast like a wild animal. I promise you, I’m not as mean as I look!!! But it’s true, if “she a Gemini/stay on her friendly side. She’ll put that look on you, it’s like somebody friend just died.” Ironically enough, you tend to see my meaner side with this next artist: NAV. As terrible as his song, “Rack In My Sleep” is, the line is pretty fitting. He raps, “Gemini bae, she say she good, but she a demon.” I want to defend myself and say that I’m an absolute angel, but that’s already contradicted by the fact that I have dedicated a whole blog post to talking shit on him. I think that’s another aspect of my duality. When music is involved, especially if you ask for my opinion on a project, just know that you are getting the whole truth and nothing but the truth. While I love to treat my artists with care and love, I have no problem calling out a bad project. And if the artist is disrespectful, especially because I’m a woman? Just know I’ll be brutally honest, with a brutality that I didn’t even know I was capable of. With that being said, I tried to give this song a chance. But good lord.

As I mentioned before, not everyone finds the double personality thing quite as cute or alluring. For instance, in Dej Loaf’s “Snakes,” she definitely has some beef she needs to square out as she raps, “and these bitches are too fake, Gemini yeah two-faced. I got two words, fuck you, fuck you.” Alright, alright, alright. Calm down. Having two sides to your personality doesn’t make one any less authentic than the other. What you choose to show to the world is up to you. It’s a clever line, sure. But if you’re shitty, you’re going to be shitty, regardless of your sign. A lot of people with toxic behaviors blame it on astrology and I think that just means you know nothing about accountability. With that being said, just because I wear one side on my sleeve a bit more openly doesn’t mean that the other side is anything other than who I am. Those who I love know that side as well, for all that it is, and it just intensifies our relationships because they still accept me. Similarly, in his track, “This Life,” Denzel Curry says, “I would tell you like Geminis, there might be sides to me. She not my main bitch, I’ma tell you she’s a side to me.” I get it. When I casually date, I feel like I find others who represent different things that I want in life, which is most likely why I’m single. I can’t find one good partner who encapsulates it all. Even when evaluating my friendships, everyone has such different personas because they all vibe with the different sides of my persona. And I think that’s a beautiful thing. I was never the type of person who belonged to one friend group. Instead, I found different individuals from different groups that I developed extremely personal friendships with. It made my life forever exciting, and I could always learn something new without having to follow a certain routine in life. While it makes things unpredictable, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve felt less of a need to conform and more of a desire to follow relationships that make me feel fulfilled in whatever capability they come in.

One of my favorite Geminis in the game right now is Kendrick Lamar. If there is anyone who embraces the idea of 2s, it’s him. In fact, his album, To Pimp a Butterfly, is riddled with wordplay based around his astrological symbol, with duality acting as a recurring motif throughout it. For instance, the album title plays off the dichotomy of aggression and beauty, juxtaposing the harshness surrounding pimping with the gentleness of butterflies, a contrast that we often see among Geminis. A lot of the lyrics throughout the project use this method, with ideas happening in pairs, or two times, or for two reasons. An example occurs in “Wesley’s Theory.” In the track, he explains that “your horoscope is a Gemini, two sides. So you better cop everything two times. Two coupes, two chains, two C-notes. Too much ain’t enough, both we know.” There’s definitely a lot to focus on, but I see it as needing two of everything for the two sides of your personality. The differences between those two sides can be drastic enough to feel like two different people, so you need to buy one of each to match the varying sides. That could also include the “we” that he’s referencing, thinking of himself as two different entities despite them both belonging to him. 

He also demonstrates how being a Gemini contributes to his indecisiveness in “Untitled 02,” which, if anyone has gone out to eat with me, knows is something I definitely suffer from. He raps that he “can’t pick a side, the Gemini, prophesize if we live or not.” He’s caught between two different lifestyles, one of riches and fame, and the other of his roots, which lie among risk and hardships. Although I come from a relatively well-off area, I do always contemplate what my life would be like if I went back to my hometown and left the one that I’ve built for myself in Philadelphia. It’s a very “what-if” mentality, one that always leaves you wondering what else could possibly be in store for you. He further explores Gemini traits in “The Heart Pt. 1,” from his The Heart series. He first states that he’s “very emotional” and that he “[loves] hard, and [he fights] harder. A born author, a born starter.” It’s probably pretty well-known information that Geminis are very emotional. I can’t speak for everyone but I know I sure as hell am. But we’re also creatives. Everything that we do is rooted in creativity, and that controls our outlook. Writing is also a key element for Geminis, so for Kendrick to refer to himself as an author makes a lot of sense. If anything, this is just the first example of a few songs in which Gemini rappers focus on the writing side of their artistry.

Princess Nokia provides all Geminis with the ultimate anthem, “Gemini.” In the song, she takes the time to acknowledge criticism, such as the idea that we’re all crazy and fake. She remarks that those qualities are misunderstood and that in actuality, we have layers. The truth is, we are “intelligent, adaptable, agile, communicative, informative, creative.” With that being said, just like with any sign, some negatives hold a bit more truth. For instance, we can be “really superficial” and won’t call “in three months/[but still maintain] that [we] miss you.” I am guilty as fuck of that one. She dabbles on the stress that we put on ourselves and even the fact that if we fall short, no one else will know. She reiterates just how indecisive we are, exclaiming that “picking food or picking clothes, it always makes [her] anxious.” You’re speaking to the person with five different online shopping carts full of clothing. I get it. But Princess Nokia also takes the time to call out some of the beautiful company that we’re in, including Tupac, Lauryn Hill, and Andre 3000. I think it’s a very relatable song for any Gemini. It helps you find beauty in something that can explain so much about who you are.

Similarly, Wale pays homage to the astrological sign in his song, “Gemini (2 Sides).” This approach is a bit more romantic, but it’s interesting to see how a potential partner views your qualities. He begins the song by reciting the poetic lines that she’s “something out of a fairy tale. The fairest of them all but you’re scary still.” Hahaha. I wonder how many men have said that about me. Moving on. He continues by saying, “what I’ve never seen before is the composure you possess, poised getting coins but you know that you’re the shit. Though you always on the fence with me, Gemini women they switch up the vibe with ya.” As someone who loves to be the most done up at all times, I appreciate the recognition of her composure. I feel the best when I carry myself well, and I’d say that that’s quite integral to who I am. I think it also exemplifies how far that indecisiveness bleeds into our dating lives. While parts of me want the connection of a relationship, I also value my individuality and independence far too much and would honestly much rather spend that time hanging out with my friends or meeting new people. Along that same line, I tend to go back-and-forth on my feelings for someone, resulting in the confusion that’s currently panning out here. It’s not fair to the other person, but I also just can’t seem to help it. If I’m invested, I want to give them my all. I couldn’t care less about anyone else. But the minute I’m over it, I just can’t seem to find that attraction again. I know. I’m horrible. He explains that he “tried to figure you out but you’re kinda tricky, ironic you like attention but hide your feelings.” While the attention from a romantic partner is welcome, it’s the steps following that can be daunting. You have to decide just how much of your personality you want to reveal initially out of fear that you may be called crazy. It can make it scary to open up and want to take things more seriously. When that happens, Wale expands on the idea that “a Gemini is the only sign with double sides so if she give it to me now we’ll be a menage.” I think that would be oddly reassuring to hear, just because it means that your partner is accepting of a potentially very turbulent and yet very defining trait. It can be tricky to navigate those two sides, even from our points of view, but at the same time, it is who we are. He brings up the idea of trying to suppress the negativity when he raps that you “hide all of your fears and smile at all of your friends, suppress whatever troubles you because you bothered with theirs,” and I think it holds a lot of truth. We often feel like we’re burdening others with our issues and would much rather have fun with our friends than have serious talks about our feelings. He closes the song by describing the fun and spontaneity of Geminis but also comments on how that can take a toll on trying to form a relationship. I think he highlights a lot of issues that I face in my own relationships, except in this situation, he’s receiving them.

One quality of Geminis that definitely got utilized in Hip-Hop lyrics is that they’re sexually adventurous. Besides all of the obvious threesome lines, Geminis are known for trying new things at least once and keeping their intimate relations spicy. As someone who identifies as LGBTQ, I wasn’t crazy about the ‘switching teams’ wordplay, but I guess when you see an opportunity you go for it. Regardless, in Twista’s “Birthday,” he rhymes that “she look so good got me acting like I’m finna die, the type of chick so thick she catch the other women eye. Knew she was freaky when she said she was a Gemini. She wanna do something freaky with me, her friend, and I.” There’s really not a whole lot for me to dive into here. She wants to try something new. He got lucky. I think that’s about it. Even Dreamdoll cashes in on this in “Splish Splash” when she raps that she “switch sides like a Gemini.” Once again, it’s as clever as you wanna make it. However, in Tupac’s “Let Em Have It,” he raps “now you’ve been actin like you want it for a long time, all up in a n* face, givin me strong vibes. Look in my eyes and you’ll find peace, a Gemini, so you really blow my mind freak.” Tupac, who is also a Gemini, seems to find attraction in that itself. I guess he knows they’ll be just as passionate and bold, so it piques his interest.

As Gemini season begins, a lot of big names will be celebrating their birthdays. In his track, “Bring You Down,” Jadakiss lets me know that I don’t have to blame all of my moody behavior on PMS because apparently, he goes it through! He raps, “I’m working with new change, a Gemini n***** with mood swings.” I get it, man. I’m definitely a Gemini bitch with some pretty hefty mood swings. Cypress Hill asks the important questions in “Throw Your Hands In The Air,” when they wonder, “so who wants to be the first n***** to die? Then try and test this, Buddha blessed Gemini, you get thrown sent home in a coffin.” There’s a good chance that I won’t be putting anyone in a coffin, mainly because in my culture we believe in cremation (although it does pollute the Earth) but I have been blessed by a Buddhist at a temple in Thailand so that’s just about all I can relate to here! OC is at least a little bit more realistic in his song “M.U.G.” He raps that he “[thinks] twice like a Gemini,” which is essentially me 24/7. Overthinking just about everything I’ve ever said and done for the last 25 years. So yeah. That one is definitely applicable. Similarly, in “Half Good Half Sinner,” he says that he “[prays] to G-O-D- cause it seem to be wise and balance out like a Gemini, ain’t I fly?” First off. I’m fly as hell. Secondly, I think I try to live a life of balance, with try being the keyword. I fail miserably. Everything is done in extremes. I’m happy? I’m extremely happy. I’m sad? The world is ending. But props to you for finding balance because I’m sure I would be much more at ease. Lauryn Hill explained her writing process in “Final Hour” when she rapped, “I treat this like my thesis, well-written topic, broken down into pieces. I introduce then produce, words so profuse. It’s abuse how I juice up this beat, like I’m deuce. Two people both equal like I’m Gemini.” Once again, we see a fellow Gemini recognizing her strength with her ability as a writer. I love the imagery behind breaking down the words and then juxtaposing those fragments with having two people make up a Gemini because that’s honestly how it feels. All of those bits that seem to be so strikingly different inside of us have one thing in common: they work together to make us who we are. So to others, while we may give off the vibe that we’re two different identities, we recognize the discrepancies but just think of ourselves as one being.

It would be an insult to this post if I didn’t bring up the most Gemini of Geminis: Mr. Kanye West. In his track, “Half Price,” he provides us with a line that embodies him quite well; one that alludes to his cockiness, his talent, his money, and his wild emotions. He raps, “don’t give Kanye a chance, cause I’m a Gemini with two sides and two rides.” It’s definitely true that the more you undermine a Gemini, the more we want to prove you wrong. Give me a challenge and I will probably agonize over it until the last possible minute and then rise to the occasion because I know there’s too much on the line. The two sides and the two rides are also super reflective of our styles and the lack of one specific identity. It doesn’t mean that I don’t know who I am, it just means that who I am can’t be defined by one thing. Some days I want to look badass, other days I want to look adorable. It’s all about making every one of those styles work for you.

Tupac was another artist who wrote quite a few clever lines about being a Gemini. One of my favorite lines is from his track, “Where There Is A Will,” where he raps, “I was born within a Gemini astrology. I’m in the hood and boys see the two sides of me. That’s why he said where there’s a will there’s a way, you have to think about tomorrow if ya livin’ today.” This line is all about adapting. When facing adversity, in order to survive, you must adapt to your surroundings. I think it shows a strong hustler mentality that I really respect, and Tupac is one artist who openly put both sides of his personality into his music. While some lyrics reflected his poetic nature and desire to make the world a better place, the others demonstrated his upbringing and even predicted his violent demise. Aesop Rock is another infamous Gemini who takes being a wordsmith to the next level. Hell, half the time I don’t even know what he’s talking about. But I know that it’s just because it’s too intricate for me to comprehend. In his song, “Shovel,” he raps, “I don’t shrug. I study the ramifications of my shovel. Loving the consequence of uprooting the jungle. I’m hugging the cycle of Gemini’s duplicate tenants for muting the puzzle. I don’t budge the motives.” In this song, he’s calling out those who conform to mainstream ideas when in reality are often hypocrites themselves. As a result, he takes a bit of a Devil’s Advocate approach to prove his point. While I typically hate playing that role, it is one that I always try to fit into my writing, mainly so people can’t say I’m being biased. Even then, my opinion is usually strong enough to overpower that. It’s an interesting approach, but I think what I relate to most about it is the desire for individualistic thinking and calling those out who may not have genuine motives. He again mentions his astrological sign in “Rabies,” which probably has one of my favorite lines. This is what I mean when I say Aesop is a wordsmith. He exclaims, “me, I’m pretty useless, till the roof is painted Gemini, then set him free.” This took a bit of research, but I discovered that the roof symbolizes the sky, which makes sense considering Gemini is an air sign. When the sky turns Gemini, it’s at the turning point in the day. Rather than being a morning or evening person, he’s most effective mid-day, when dawn and dusk meet. I’ve always had different answers to that initial question of whether I was an early riser or night owl, but I’m just now discovering that I may share that quality as well. Either way, it’s an incredible line.

I can honestly say that this post helped me discover more traits for my personality, and it was a joy to write. I even began to understand why I do certain things. Unfortunately, I got a bit ahead of myself and didn’t get to cover a lot of notable Geminis, including Andre 3000, Biggie, Sage the Gemini, Ice Cube, DJ Mustard, Fetty Wap, Gunna, G-Eazy, Remy Ma, Kodack Black, Swae Lee, Takeoff, and Waka. While I don’t believe in every aspect of astrology, I think there’s quite a bit of beauty in it. Sometimes just having the reassurance from a Teen Vogue Horoscope section is nice. Money is coming my way, and I will find love, who knows! I can’t say that it defines too much of my way of life, but the traits that I read in comparison to who I am are quite mind-boggling, and that always gets me thinking. After reading through this whole post, I decided to list the defining features of being a Gemini to see if you all agree and if these artists embodied those traits well. As Geminis, we’re adaptable, versatile, outgoing, intelligent, witty, indecisive, impulsive, unreliable, and passionate. We’re especially indecisive about relationships, with our dual personalities pulling us in different directions. We’re often writers, and we’re also quite sexually open. We’re fiercely loyal to our friends, but when we’re with them, our top priority is having fun. So if anyone comes to mind when reading all of this, make sure to share this post with your favorite Geminis so that they can kick off their season right. ♥ You can also follow below for updates on new posts!

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  1. Love this post! Randomly came across your site looking for songs about geminis and you have saved me so much time! You even went in depth with the songs and pointed out lyrics, GIRL I am impressed! As a fellow gem I related to every word you wrote. It’s like you took some of the same thoughts I have and put them into the universe. Thank you for this! You’ve got yourself a new fan. Us Gemini’s gotta stick together!


    • This comment made my day, thank you so so much!!!🥺🥰❤ When’s your birthday?! It’s amazing how much I could relate to those lyrics!!! I’m so glad you felt the same way!


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