New Single – DK Robin’s “Work Wife”

Las Vegas artist DK Robin has a new song titled “Work Wife.” The track uses vivid imagery to describe the perils of falling in love with a co-worker. The adorable concept is hilarious but relatable, and the song’s catchy hook is going to be on repeat in your head all day. While DK originally came up with the idea years ago, he used it to launch the return of his music career, showcasing his melodies, lyricism, and production in one track.

The smooth instrumental paired with DK’s sensual tone is reminiscent of Pretty Ricky with hints of Akon. DK paints the picture of secretive looks overshadowed by judgmental glances in a dull office setting, providing the leads with a bit of excitement to shake up their mundane lives. The game of cat and mouse is always so much more alluring than the actual relationship, and listeners can feel the sexual tension through their computers. To find out some more about the track, I talked to DK about his roots and how he got to where he is now with his new release.

Hi DK! Thanks so much for joining me. Before we dive deep into your new single, “Work Wife,” I would love to know a little bit more about how you got your sound. Would you say there are any artists who have had a big impact on the way you make music?

DK: “Yes. Drake’s sound was an influence for me. It helped me develop a love for pads with the sound he and 40 crafted.Post Malone and Louis Bell as well. Plenty of others but those are the influences you’d probably hear the most from.”

I can definitely see that! Would you say that you target a similar audience as well?

DK: “Subject matter is the hallmark of my music. Anyone looking for content and narrative based music is who I’d best serve.”

I think that’s awesome. The art of story-telling isn’t quite as prevalent these days and you absolutely kill it in that regard. What made you realize that music was something you wanted to pursue seriously?

DK: “I was syncing my iPod touch. At that point I had been typing raps in there for about seven months. While the iPod was syncing, J. Cole’s “Friday Night Lights” randomly came on. After “Too Deep For the Intro” went off, I was staring off into space. The line”if they don’t know your dreams, then they can’t shoot ’em down”, gave me my “I wanna rap “moment”.

That must have encapsulated your feelings perfectly. I love it. Now, I know you’ve lived in the PA area and you’re currently in Vegas. Which place had a more active music scene? How has living in these areas impacted your music?

DK: “I would say Philly has a more active music scene. It’s more so, Philly has more of an established presence. Also to be fair, everything’s just starting to open back up for Vegas with the COVID restrictions. For the eight months I’ve been here, I haven’t been able to get out and about to check out the scene. The first song I made when I got here is about Vegas so you’ll hear that in the next couple months.”

I think all my readers know I’m biased to the Philly music scene so I can see that! And now onto your new release, “Work Wife.” Can you explain the premise for those who haven’t had a chance to check it out as yet?

DK: “The premise was the idea of “forbidden fruit”. It’s something people can encounter on an everyday basis. Also I was fascinated with making it a hiphop song. I can’t think of a song in particular that delved into this topic. For me it was an opportunity to innovate and contribute to hip hop culture.”

I love that! I think it’s a super relatable situation. One that maybe has sparked some poor decision-making, hahah. I know I’ve been there. Was there one experience in particular that inspired it?

DK: “The concept of working at a job, yes. Like I mentioned before, I was interested in making this concept a hip-hop song. Rap can be so vivid with storytelling. So I was more so, being the change that I want to see with this song. It was a story I believed was important to tell.”

How would you say “Work Wife” compares to your earlier releases? Would you say it demonstrates significant growth?

DK: “The vocalizing hands down. My vocal teacher encouraged me to go higher with my range on this song. I was open minded but skeptical at first. I’m glad I listened, haha. It made a huge difference.”

Well, I love that choice you made! Risks definitely pay off. And I know this song was based around an older concept you came up with years ago. What made you think of it when you heard the beat that you used?

DK: “The beat I originally made was a bit sulkier and slower. When I made the beat for this song, “Work Wife” came up because I was brushing through some old ideas prior. So that idea was fresh in my head. 

And lastly, what projects are you working on in 2021?

DK: “I’m going to be releasing a song every three weeks for the rest of the year. “Work Wife” is the start of this campaign and expect “Look Alikes of My Ex” on July 6th.”

I’m looking forward to your new release! How can fans follow you to stay in the loop about those new tracks?

DK: “All the social platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter (TikTok my personal favorite). I can be found @dkrobinhoodon those platforms. Subscribing/following on Youtube, my mailing list on, or any of the other streaming platforms will keep you in the loop for the rest of my 2021 flood. Thank you for having me Shaana.”

If you enjoyed this track, you can find DK at the following pages. Make sure to show him some love!





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