New Single – Burt Bankkz’ “Exotic”

Straight out of Broward County, Florida, Burt Bankkz has a new stripclub anthem titled “Exotic.” The rapper is known for his powerful flow and exhulerating energy. His rowdy tracks remind his listeners of the constant grind and what that hustle can show for, giving them the taste of the high-life if they continue working hard. While his motivational tracks may not have the most wholesome approach, the intelligent wordplay shows that anyone can live a life of luxury so long as they put in the work. These messages contrast with his bass-heavy beats to show how dynamic he is as an artist while reminding his fans of the earlier days in Hip-Hop.

The song begins with eerily melodic keys, foreshadowing the intense trap beat that’s to come. The drum machine starts to hit at the same time as Burt begins to introduce himself, riding the beat with ease as he quickly comes to the forefront of the song. The lyrics of the hook aren’t anything super crazy, but it’s definitely enough to get you to want to throw some bands. It tells the story of his come-up, outlining his humble beginnings to contrast to where he is now, living a life of luxury surrounded by beautiful women. It’s a bit difficult to differentiate where the hook transitions into the first verse just become the flow is fairly static, but it also helps keep the flow going, especially since it’s a short song. Burt’s ability to fill the spaces of the simple production is impressive, showing how his flow and the beat work hand in hand to complement one another.

The story-telling aspect of the song is one of the highlights in my opinion. It feels like it’s just a standard trap song upon first listen, but as you actually pay attention to the lyrics, you start to dissect the layers. At some points it is difficult to understand the words, but that’s moreso because of the speed at which Burt is rapping rather than his pronounciation. In fact, fitting so many syllables into each line while avoiding mumbling is another one of his strengths.

By the second verse, we start to see slightly more dynamics in his flow, but it isn’t significantly different. The content within it is fairly cohecive with the first verse, and the transitions between the verses and the hooks are effortless, but I do think the hook seems to be the majority of the flow. Overall, it’s a banger. It’s the type of song you turn up to, with some dope one-liners and fun word-play. I think my biggest remark would be that I would like to see more change in Burt’s flow, because his grasp on the musicality of the beat is easily one of his biggest strengths. It would be cool to hear him slow it down at a few points just to show the contrast between the hook and his verses and to demonstrate his ability as a rapper. It’s a solid song with a fitting music video, and I’m interested to see what Burt Bankkz comes up with next!

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