New Single – THE BLACK ABSTRACT’s “Work Hard”

In preparation for the release of his new album, Injured Reserve, The Black Abstract has a new single out titled “Work Hard,” giving fans a taste of what’s to come.

THE BLACK ABSTRACT is a rapper hailing from Buffalo, New York. The artist, whose style is best described as aggressive soul, draws inspiration from some of the most monumental names in R&B and Hip-Hop, including Anita Baker, Mary J. Blige, Nas, Biggie, DMX, and Drake to create uplifting and powerful songs that push listeners to stay focused and grind hard. With his melodic hooks and soulful trap beats, THE BLACK ABSTRACT incorporates old-school elements with relevant themes to pay homage to the culture of Hip-Hop while appealing to rap lovers of all ages. In doing so, THE BLACK ABSTRACT strives to make music for others to relate to, so that no matter how lonely they may be feeling, they can find comradery in their lyricism.

His newest track, “Work Hard,” is the first single off his newest album, Injured Reserve. However, that’s not all that THE BLACK ABSTRACT has in store for 2022.

By March, the rapper also has plans to release an additional project, Industry Ready. The release showcases the New York native’s influence, recruiting other New York legends such as Griselda’s Conway The Machine and Benny The Butcher. You can check out the fun motivational track below:

I really do love this track. It’s feel-good and positive, encouraging people to work their hardest while commending those who are trying their best. The production is energetic and lively, and it’s hard not to have a smile on your face when listening through it. Although the song has strong old-school vibes, it still feels timeless. I could be told that this song was released in 1996, 2004, or 2021 and I don’t think I’d ever question it. The lyrics are endearing and uplifting, and it’s nice to hear a song in which the artist is pushing themselves to fulfill their maximum potential without putting others down. It’s not a competition about who’s working the hardest, but rather a reminder to keep pushing through, even when the grind gets exhausting.

The production feels simple enough, but the more you listen to the song, the more you hear the tiny details that make it so enjoyable. It’s reminiscent of so many loveable old-school tracks, and it just conjures up the scene of the neighborhood kids playing outside in the summertime. Between the lyrics and the sentiments created by the beat, the song has a community feel, contributing to the positive emotions. Overall, it’s a beautiful song with a powerful message, and it’s always wholesome to hear a hip-hop track so full of optimism and heart. While “Fisher Boy” is probably one of my other favorites from THE BLACK ABSTRACT, the rawness he demonstrates in “Work Hard” is something that I haven’t heard quite as effortlessly in his other songs, and it definitely builds up the excitement for Injured Reserve.

If you enjoyed the track, make sure to connect with THE BLACK ABSTRACT below and send him some love!

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