Entering the Rabbit Hole

Conspiracy theories are nothing new. They range in subject matter, from religion to science to entertainment. While I am not a conspiracy theorist (at all. Please allow me to REALLY emphasize that I believe in science and think the Earth is round and climate change is real and have absolutely no merit in any other conspiracies beyond this scope), it has a strong presence in Hip-Hop. Some prominent artists have been accused of being in the Illuminati while others have allegedly faked their deaths. Some of the ideas aren’t quite as crazy as they may seem; for instance, it adds up that a culture built on anti-elitism would distrust politicians and the media. The skepticism makes sense; systematic racism has plagued our society and lower-income neighborhoods for decades. Some of these theories explore just how far the government will go to prevent these areas from thriving, and they aren’t the most unbelievable. But others encroach on some bizarre territory, including Satanism. As of right now, Lil Nas X is the newest artist to be worshipping the Devil, but I think that’s just the homophobia talking. Christians everywhere have classified Hip-Hop as evil for decades. So why not have fun with it and bring these exaggerated characters to life? No matter what motivated the lyrics, they don’t always need to be taken literally. With that being said, while some sound intellectual and wordy upon first listen, quite a lot of them do require a second take. So here are some bizarre lyrics that touch on some popular (and some lesser-known) conspiracy theories. I have excluded those about Coronavirus being fake since that shit is tired and played out. And as always, this is solely based on my opinion. Please don’t read into it.

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