Donuts Are Forever

If you’re a Hip-Hop head, then chances are you know why this week is so special. Not only is the late J Dilla’s birthday on February 7th (as well as the late Nujabes), but this week also commemorates the anniversary of his death just 3 days later on the 10th. Furthermore, the 7th also marks the date that James released Donuts, his final album, which he finalized from his hospital bed just days before his passing. J Dilla’s legacy has been honored for years, with many more to come for good reason. His sampling and production were extraordinary, creating a sound as iconic as his story. You may think you’ve never heard of J Dilla. But, chances are that you most likely have listened to a track produced by his ingenuity and just had no idea. He was never one to put himself in the spotlight. His style was just…distinct. His talent was enough to earn respect from some of the most influential rappers, singers, and musicians in music. Honestly, it’s pretty likely that he had an impact on some of your favorite artists. So, to celebrate J Dilla and what he did for Hip-Hop, I’ve found some of my favorite references honoring the late producer.

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