Santa Clause is Coming to Town

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but there’s no doubt that things are looking a little different this time around. Due to the resurgence of Covid rates, we are all attempting to navigate the holidays while trying to keep our loved ones safe, making it difficult to get into the spirit. And trust me, this is coming from a girl who has watched just about every terrible Christmas movie you can find on Netflix. But even that hasn’t quite cut it. My family was already unable to celebrate Thanksgiving because of testing positive for the Coronavirus, so the desire to come together for the festivities is at an all-time high. But there’s still a lingering cloud of anxiety preventing us all from truly letting go, making the holidays feel a bit lonely. But I’m not letting that kill the magic of Christmas. I was that kid who believed in Santa Clause until an embarrassing age. Not only would I put out milk and cookies (the Rugrats frosted Reptar cookies to be exact!), but I would also put out my massive whiteboard like a dork, hoping and praying that Santa would read my note of appreciation and sign his name. He always did, and I never questioned why his handwriting looked exactly like my mom’s. I tracked his sleigh and would get especially excited every time I saw him fly over the Taj Mahal to visit my extended family, knowing that by the morning, he would have made his way to Maryland. So, in the spirit of Christmas and keeping that magic alive, I’ve compiled my favorite stories about Santa Clause as told by some of our favorite rappers.

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