Philly’s Phinest: Mike Voss

If you checked out my last Philly’s Phinest post on A.Rob, who has been doing incredible work fighting for justice in Palestine, then this name may sound fairly familiar. Voss was featured on A.Rob’s album, 42, where he absolutely killed it on the track “30,000.” However, if you’re well-versed in the Philly Hip-Hop scene, then you’ve probably already heard of him. He’s made a name for himself as a battle-rapper and emcee, showcasing his quick, witty lyricism everywhere from Philadelphia Streets to BET’s 106 & Park. But Mike Voss’s versatility doesn’t only extend to his bars. He can be found walking the runway at Philadelphia Fashion Week or in front of the video camera, finding passion in both acting and modeling and incorporating them into his number one love: music. With that being said, don’t let his pretty boy appearance fool you; if you step to Voss, you better arm yourself with some fire. He is not an easy target.

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