Put Your Feet In The Right Place, Then Stand Firm

I often struggle to have faith in myself. I’d argue that it’s one of my most prominent faults. My career choices have been risky. Sometimes it feels like the risk is worth it and that my passion will be enough to make everything work out. But most times, I’m overly anxious, wondering if I’m really doing something practical to have a stable life. Lately, I’ve been preparing myself for even bigger chances and even more precarious life changes. And truth be told, I’m terrified. I know that I can do it because, at this point, I have to. I don’t think I’d ever face a bigger heartbreak than watching myself fail. Trust me, I’ve seen myself mess up. But at some point, this will all work out, or I’ll have to settle and change my career path. And that’s terrifying. Now combine that with the pressure I put on myself while also constantly doubting my decisions. It creates a lot of fear, and my hesitations do nothing but hold me back. So I decided to compile this post for reassurance; to remind myself that there’s courage and strength in facing my fears. I have the support and the love around me that I need when times get challenging, and even if I make mistakes, I still deserve to feel pride in what I’ve done. These artists took the plunge and put their whole life into sharing their music with the world. And if it doesn’t motivate me enough to know that I’m taking similar chances to help make that happen even more, then I don’t know what will. Keep an eye out in the next week. Exciting things are happening at Spice on the Beat. Just have faith in me.

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