The Magic of New Beginnings

2021 has magically come to an end seeing as I can barely remember one day from January. Like… did it even happen? What did I do last New Year? Can anyone verify that 2021 actually did occur and lasted a full 365 days? I don’t know if this is the champagne speaking, but man, am I confused or what?

Regardless of the fact that I’ve seemed to shut out most of 2021, quite a lot has happened. For music, for work, not so much for love. That aspect of my life is still quite uneventful. I’m beyond blessed that I’ve had such incredible opportunities to grow with artists this year, particularly Philly artists. I’ve re-connected with some of you who have been with me since I first started Spice on the Beat, and I’ve even finally met some of you in person! I’ve grown to realize though, that the Philly market may be one of my biggest passions. Personally, there’s no better feeling than connecting with Philly artists and learning about what they need. In the 7.5 years that I’ve lived in Philly, I have met some of the most talented singers, producers, and rappers. I have had some of the most out-of-body experiences at their shows or in their recording sessions, and it truly feels unreal to me how much talent one city could possess. Two artists in particular that I’ve covered on my site include Mike Voss and A.Rob. If you haven’t already, I suggest you check out their Philly’s Phinest posts from throughout the year. Those are some of the most diligent and hard-working artists I’ve met, and I really cherish my friendship with them. It’s one based on mutual respect and support, which is especially fulfilling in a jaded industry. But Philly isn’t like that. If you put on for others, they put on for you. Authenticity and ingenuity are key.

And that’s why my business partner Patrick and I started Cadence in the Clouds. I touched a bit on it in the last month or so, but let me tell you. This has been the scariest part of 2021 for me. This has been a risk, and only time will tell if it will pay off. I tend to be my own toughest critic, so if I fail, I fail hard. And I let myself know. But this time, I have someone there to ease the punch. Patrick has become more than just a business partner for me. He’s my twin flame, my right hand. We are SO similar, and we clicked ridiculously fast. I can depend on him, and that’s why I’m so glad that I have him to share Cadence in the Clouds with. He’s my brother, and we are determined to make this happen.

Now if you aren’t entirely sure what Cadence in the Clouds is, let me break it down for you. Cadence in the Clouds is an intimate concert for artists and music lovers alike. We’ve created a space in which creatives can come together and enjoy and celebrate the Philadelphia arts while working with one another to build up that very community. Philly is talented, but it’s underrated, and a big reason for that is because people feel trapped. They think that to really succeed, they have to go to New York or Cali to further their career. But you can do it in Philly, you just need the resources to do so. So we’re compiling them and putting them all together in one room to connect and collaborate organically. And that’s why we call Cadence in the Clouds a room for dreamers. Patrick and I are dreamers. We understand the uncertainty and the risks we take to pursue our passions. But we need to celebrate that resilience and encourage young creatives to follow their own paths, no matter how unconventional it may be.

Patrick and I had the soft launch for Cadence in the Clouds in the lovely Bean2Bean warehouse (@bean2beancoffeeco). It took place in the middle of December, and it surpassed our expectations. Guests enjoyed cocktails poured by our beautiful bartender Siska (@sisk_c), beer provided by the supportive Stones Beer and Beverage Market (@stonesphilly), and absolutely stunning finger foods by our chef, Marcus (@chef_marcu). My good friend Bear One (@thekidbearone) set the vibe with his hidden gems, and then Lucas Wolfe (@lucaswolfe_) took the stage to perform originals and covers. Bri (@thebrifix) decorated our counters with her gorgeous cupcakes and guests also had the opportunity to discover and bid on local artwork from artists like @cityliner@prettysketchyvibes,@oxfordbluesoflove, and @jbake_photography. Our sound was crisp as could be thanks to Keith over at Bridgetown (@bridgetown_sound) and now thanks to Hameen (@picbait_media) we have a recap video to show you all of that.

Looking back, I’m so incredibly proud of everyone who took part. This was stressful and terrifying, but we did it, and it was a more heartfelt night than we could have imagined. And I have to thank Patrick (as well as the lovely Hennah♥) for keeping me grounded and sane. Because I was struggling.

And that’s why I am SO excited to announce that tickets for our first show will be going on sale this week. On January 28th, you can join us at the Bean2Bean warehouse for our first ever Cadence in the Clouds show, featuring DJ Bear One, Ruffin, and The InGlorious. Tickets are EXTREMELY limited, and you will be able to find more information on our Instagram so make sure that you give that page a follow! Tickets include a live and intimate show, a complimentary bar, finger foods, and the chance to network with other Philly music lovers and creators, so make sure to grab one. Although this may be unpopular, guests must be fully vaccinated. Times are uncertain, and we must do our part to keep you all safe. One thing we missed the most during the lockdown was live music and concerts. We’re hoping to provide you with that on a smaller scale to ease any worries.

But that’s not the only thing we get to celebrate. Thanks to all of my wonderful readers, I have officially hit 20,000 views! It may not seem like much, but it’s something to me. I had no plan for Spice on the Beat. This was my diary for when I was mad at the industry or the patriarchy or society. This was for when I felt insignificant, and I just needed someone to speak to. But some of you found my work valuable, or relatable, or helpful, or painful, and that was so much more validation than I could have ever asked for. I am overwhelmed that people could possibly spend time out of their busy schedules to read what I have to say, especially considering that I can’t stand to read my work once I hit publish. I have such a difficult time embracing myself, but Spice on the Beat and my readers have helped me come to terms with the things I believe and the ways I feel. It has helped me become softer and more compassionate with myself, and I didn’t realize how necessary that was to live a fruitful life.

So thank you. For embracing me, and for showing me that my voice matters. On those days that I really don’t believe it, I look back at my conversations with readers and artists and think about how this platform has changed my life. I’m so excited to see what’s to come in 2022 (and quite frankly, a bit petrified.) Cheers!

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