Album Review – No3tic’s ‘I. State of Mine’

I’m actually quite excited about this album review! I first worked with No3tic last year when I reviewed his EP, FieldsIt was a beautiful project, but I must admit that I was critical. I was invested in his sound as I was witnessing a young artist who was so musically gifted, but who was also trying to find his way. My most common remark was that he was heavily influenced by artists like Cudi and Travis Scott, and I wanted to see him find his own path. While it’s important to draw inspiration, artists need to know that there’s always a place for their sound, and they don’t need to sound like other artists who have already made it. I tried to reiterate that because No3tic’s talent was evident, and I knew he could do something absolutely revolutionary. Earlier in the year, he reached back out to me with a single he released titled “Get Free.” I was amazed that this was the same person I worked with! It still displayed his talent to the same capacity if not more, and it was a delight to see him find a sound that reflected himself so beautifully. So I am beyond excited to review the first part of No3tic’s new 3-part EP, State of Mine, and see how it compares to his first project. 

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