New Album – Sincerely Collins’s ‘Alien’

After two years of work put into this project, Sincerely Collins finally ends the Destroyer Saga trilogy with its last chapter, Alien. Alien continues the Sincerely Collins’s storyline first laid out in Destroyer and Legend of the Phoenix, and focuses more on who Sincerely Collins is as a character. The Arizona artist uses a blend of styles and genres to create not just an album, but a narrative; one that allows you to get a deeper look into Sincerely Collins’s mind and to accompany him on his journey as he faces love, adversity, and triumphs. The 16-track album transcends beyond just being repetitive trap beats and heavy auto-tune and instead provides the listener with an auditory experience as no two songs sound the same, but still manage to work together to tell the story. While some songs do utilize auto-tune to provide an intergalactic setting and other songs use trap beats to build up Sincerely Collins’s strength, they contrast with the use of non-conventional instruments such as melodic guitars to show his dynamics, both as a character and as an artist. Overall, this album really gets me excited; I feel like creative pieces that feature interesting lyrics, stylistic choices, and production are difficult to come across. I can picture the whole story in my head as I listen to the album, providing me with a sensory overload as each track passes while transporting me to a different world far beyond the depths of planet earth. I got a chance to talk to Sincerely Collins about how he developed this character, as well as some of those decisions that he chose to make with this album, which can be read below.

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