New Singles – Bwillz’ “Hip-Hop”, “Barabbass”

Based out of Aurora, Colorado, Astronaut Boyz Incorporated offers a number of services, from artist management to recording sessions. They’ve used their many talents to live by the following three principles: partner with local artists, communicate the idea that authentic hip-hop is still alive and thriving, and promote the signing of disadvantaged artists in under-served neighborhoods. By doing so, they’ve been able to gain a profit that they return to the communities by donating the sales from records and merchandise. The local charities are dedicated to improving the lives of those around them through food drives and other events. They hope that by developing raw talent, they can help foster personal and spiritual growth so that these artists can reach their maximum potential.

Although they are dedicated to finding new artists and helping them work on their craft, they have their own in-house artist by the name of Bwillz to act as a blueprint for the younger generations. Hailing from Denver, he first signed to Astronaut Boyz in 2015 when the label was founded, and from there has gone on to release his debut album Property Over Monopoly. He has also collaborated with a number of Denver’s top artists, including Trev Rich and Locco Dollarado.

Bwillz has worked with Astronaut Boyz to release two new tracks, “Hip Hop” and “Barabbass,” both showcasing different sides of the artist. Although he’s from Colorado, you can definitely hear Southern influences on his sound, creating an animated persona that reminds me of Tech N9ne or E-40. Both songs demonstrate his different strengths and definitely have that old-school vibe.

Bwillz uses “Hip Hop” to reminisce on the genre, showing that him and the rest of the Astronaut Boyz team are serious about keeping the culture alive. I love the simplicity of the beat, and the references are fun and nostalgic. Even the video feels super old-school, opting for a more rugged look rather than something glitzy and flashy. The track overall has really good vibes with a great message, especially for younger generations. It is very important to respect the oldheads who paved the way for younger artists, and he makes a point of emphasizing that. Additionally, his shoutout to producers and ghost writers earned a lot of respect from me. Neither get nearly enough appreciation when in reality, some of the biggest names wouldn’t be relevant without them.

“Barabbass” takes a newer school approach with a more aggressive sound. His bars and the beat both have that Southern rowdiness as well, but the production is a bit more complex. It also has some pretty solid punchlines that made me chuckle a bit. However, more importantly, I always try to credit an artist that takes a no-hook approach to a track. It doesn’t happen super often anymore but I do love to see it.

If you’d like to support Astronaut Boyz or if you’d like to find out how you can utilize their services, you can check out their website. Remember that by supporting them, you’re supporting local artists and communities.

Sponsored by Astronaut Boyz Incorporated.

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