New Single – A$AP Twelvyy/Sam Silver – “New Beginnings”

I’ve got another new release for you, and it’s honestly a bit of a change in pace, while still feeling strangely familiar. I like this one a lot. A$AP Twelvyy of the incredible A$AP mob has released his brand new track, “New Beginnings”, in collaboration with producer Sam Silver, an impressive 17-year-old who has been making rounds with his tracks for artists like Lil Toe and Henry AZ.

A$AP Twelvyy hails from Bronx, New York City, influencing his name which comes from the Harlem area code, 212. A lot of people were first introduced to him when he was featured on A$AP Rocky’s track, “Trilla”, giving him the momentum to make a name for himself as a member of the A$AP mob. He continued to feature on other member’s tracks while releasing his own music, leading up to the release of his debut album in 2017 titled, 12. His latest project, Before Noon, released in April, and was his first release since 12 debuted. However, he isn’t stopping there. He has another album, Noon Yung, which, after getting delayed due to Covid and having it stolen out of his studio, is set to release in October.

Sam Silver might not have been in the game for quite as long (considering he’s only 17), but that makes his success just that more impressive. Some of his songs have reached over 180,000 streams on Spotify, and he definitely isn’t slowing down any time soon. His style is unique in his ability to combine hip-hop elements with upbeat electronic beats to create songs unlike anything else, allowing him to stand out in the rap world. His dynamics make every song unpredictable and it’s really interesting to see his chemistry with each rapper as they make songs that truly take you on a journey.

The two collaborated on the new track, “New Beginnings”, which premiered on September 25th and has already reached almost 30,000 streams. I absolutely love the lyrics that open up the song. Twelvyy repeats throughout the song that he “had to make it happen, took the whole day, tried to make it home, took the wrong way.” There’s something so earnest about that, especially considering his trials and tribulations with his new album. It’s a very relatable sentiment, and although a lot of the other lyrics tell a luxurious story that most can’t necessarily relate to, those lines felt so genuine, grounding him in a beautiful contrast to the rest of the song. The song also has such amazing and vivid imagery that it takes you away with it, making you picture yourself in these foreign and exotic places. It makes you want to travel and go on an adventure, something we all definitely desire during these times.

I also love the fact that Twelvyy alludes to the idea that this is his time to shine. He rolls with a group of heavy hitters, and there’s bound to be some pressure. But this whole track proves that he can handle it, and all eyes really are on him. And after he tells the story of his come up, he brings the listener back in with that hypnotic opening line, reminding you that he wasn’t handed anything; he made it with hard work and dedication.

The production is just incredible. One of the things I find myself most underwhelmed with in general when listening to music is production. So much of it sounds so similar, or so conventional. It bores me. The moving parts in this song are so incredible, and Twelvyy and Sam compliment one another so well. The production begins fairly subdued, but it isn’t necessarily plain. There are still layers that make it emotional, but allow Twelvyy to be the focus. About a minute and a half in we get to see them playing with the tempo a bit, adding more electronic sounds and filters over Twelvyy’s voice. And then it shifts completely. It becomes a completely different song, taking you to those exotic places that he hones in on. There’s never a battle between the vocals and production. It’s a really dope track and the possibilities for this song are endless.

“I want New Beginnings to be the world’s entrance to my personal genre of mixing hip hop and electronic.” 

Sam Silver for Spice on the Beat

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