New Single – Tyrone’s “Springtime”

Detroit artist Tyrone recruited the help of fellow Michigan singers Phillip Lee and Jess M for his new track, “Springtime.” The track and the music video work together to create a nostalgic, ’90s vibe, one that definitely has me itching for warmer temperatures and bright sunshine to get me through quarantine. You can check out the new song below.

Music wasn’t ever a foreign concept to Tyrone. Growing up in a family of artists, Tyrone’s adolescence was surrounded by new and creative sounds. His father was in a band up until his 30s, and his mother was a dancer, performing all over the city. But it didn’t just stop there. Both of Tyrone’s sisters inherited a love for music, practicing everything from classical to jazz, while also singing in their school’s musicals. Similarly, Tyrone acted in his first play at the age of 6 years old. From there, he continued to act and write, starring in his high school plays while writing his own original songs on the side. However, he also had a love for writing and directing student films, receiving accolades throughout Michigan for some of his projects. Tyrone went on to serve in the U.S. Navy, never putting aside his passion for music. He continued to create and write, especially in his last year of serving. He partnered with his friend to release remixes, which garnered attention and praise. That was enough to motivate Tyrone to go solo, focusing his attention on original music. The end result? His debut single, “Springtime.”

The song opens up with a beautiful variety of percussion. It really does instantly conjure up the feelings of springtime, especially with the effortless, atmospheric production. Jess M’s opening vocals on the word “springtime” is so smooth, beginning the song beautifully. The control over the dynamics she puts into that one word helps to create the setting, and the visuals of the music video really fit the song perfectly. The chorus picks it up a bit, despite its relaxing tempo, offering a bit of bounce in the drums. I really love the simplicity of the production. There are some gorgeous, stand-out details, but overall it’s a very chill, lo-fi track while still sounding properly mixed with just enough of a 90’s, soulquarian flare. Phillip Lee sings the chorus of the track, layering his voice on top of the production to sing along with the beat while Jess M sings in the background. The combination of the three is amazing. There are quite a few moving parts, but they work together to highlight certain notes without overwhelming the listener, continuing to create this lightweight, airy sound.

Jess M’s vocals help to support Tyrone’s verse as he enters the song, relating his love and the warmth he feels to that of springtime. It feels like a classic 90’s lovesong, and the imagery of his dream girl is perfect. The lyrics are simple but adoring, and the mallet percussion in the background helps to lace his words with a majestic garnish. It’s nice to hear a simple, innocent love song, one that isn’t crass or over the top. Jess M and Phillip Lee kill it again on the chorus as the synth brings it back in, re-creating the magical feeling all over again. The second verse is so lovely, focusing specifically on helping to grow and develop his partner. The verses are the perfect length, giving you enough time to paint the picture of this evolving love story and absorb Tyrone’s lyrics without taking away from the details in the background. The effects on the chorus are just enough to transport the listener away, feeling as if they’re in their own personal bubble of bliss similar to the one Tyrone is living in. The outro picks up in intensity a bit, feeling like the overwhelming thoughts and emotions that crowd our minds when we’re in love. I think the ending was perfect; simple, but with a lingering feeling of mystery and uncertainty, as if you’re unsure what exactly is to come next. It takes you off guard, and yet it leaves you fulfilled and content.

I love this music video so much. The video doesn’t fit the title conventionally; the main subject of the video isn’t outside or in nature at all. A lot of the video is featured in darker rooms with neutral colors. But the way the sunlight hits and illuminates the room and the main girl is so beautiful. The way she smiles and absorbs the lyrics of the song is so relatable. There are those love songs that give you the butterflies of being in love, and that feel as though you’re being spoken to by the artist. It’s such an amazing feeling, and this song made me feel a lot of these emotions. The video encompasses the nostalgia of hearing a song and being flooded with memories of the springtime, taking you back. The 90’s references throughout the video just made it that much more enjoyable, wrapping up the simplicity of the song.

Overall, I think this song has a certain bit of magic that just felt so amazing. It truly feels like being in love, and making a person feel warm and good inside. It was reminiscent of the innocence of music from decades before, and it’s just so comforting in a time of isolation. Sometimes music can help alter your state of mind, and to hear a song that can make you feel in love without actually being in love is amazing; it shows you that it comes in all different forms, and one of those forms is music and poetry. The production was perfect for the song, and that coupled with Jess M’s vocals may have actually been my favorite part. Overall, I think this is a gorgeous, feel-good song, and it truly put a smile on my face.

If you’d like to hear more from Tyrone, you can follow him on his socials below. If you like the song, make sure to save it on Spotify and Apple Music.



Sponsored by Tyrone.

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