New Single – Mike Rosa’s “Watch My Drip” Ft. Coi Leray

New Jersey artist Mike Rosa has a new summer hit with a bit of help from fellow Jersey native, Coi Leray. The two collaborated on their new song, “Watch My Drip,” to create a melodic party anthem, which is nothing new from Mike Rosa. The rapper first got his big break in 2015 when he was featured on the track, “Roll Up,” with Fetty Wap, who was taking the music industry by a storm. From there, Mike Rosa has continued to release fun, dope tracks that are perfect for when the drinks are flowing.

Rosa has continued to have success with major names, collaborating again with Fetty Wap on the track, “Lit.” He also worked with Mike Jones on the song, “Don’t Sleep.” His sound, which draws inspiration from Lil Wayne and Dipset, combines 2000s style rhyme schemes and popular trap-style beats with heavy drum machines and melodic synths to create his style.

Coi Leray is no stranger to the music scene, either. Getting her start on Soundcloud, the Hip-Hop singer currently has songs out with just about everyone, from Gunna to Lil Durk to Pooh Shiesty. With over tens of millions of streams on Spotify, she uses autotune to achieve her signature sound, providing hooks and verses to some of the hottest names in rap. Coi debuted in 2018 with her single, “Huddy,” and mixtape, Everythingcoz. However, her biggest milestone accomplishment took place in 2021, when her single, “No More Parties” put Coi on the Billboard Top 100 after hitting the top 40 charts. While her father is Benzino, former media personality for The Source, her talents have been quite separate, making a name based purely off her skill.

The duo joined forces for their new song, “Watch My Drip,” which has already accumulated over 50,000 streams on Spotify. When first hearing the song, the thing that stands out to me are the keys in the production. It offers an amazing contrast to the drum machine and makes the song more euphonic. While I don’t think the lyrics are too stand-out, there are one-liners that demonstrate Mike Rosa’s lyrical ability. The hook is catchy and fun. The simplicity keeps it repeating over and over in your head, and I think this would be a lot of fun for a Tik Tok dance or commercial. Coi’s verse is short and sweet, and her nonchalant approach to it keeps the song light and bouncy. I think her background vocals are a standout for me, and demonstrate that even without the autotune, she can definitely sing. It offers an amazing feminine energy that we don’t get too much from her verse, making the contrast even more interesting to watch unfold.

Overall, the song is perfect for the summer. It isn’t too serious or too introspective, but is just an enjoyable song to turn up to with your friends. You’ll be singing the hook all day, and I would love to see some fun remixes or social media challenges come out of the track. I would also like to see the two collaborate on another track together and show what they could come up with, especially if it showcases more of Coi Leray’s singing abilities. If you’re feeling this song, don’t forget to save it to your streaming services and add it it to your pregame playlists!

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