New Single – Dann G’s “Cabo Vibes”

If you’re vaxxed and waxxed, you’ve probably been waiting for the perfect (T)hot girl summer anthem. Well, the wait is over! Dann G just recruited the help of Alexcis and Meggawats for his new song, “Cabo Vibes,” and I must say: the vibes are definitely giving me sunny Cabo day parties. Their feel good song can be streamed everywhere now, and the music video will get you even more excited for the warm weather.

As the son of immigrant parents, Dann G has incorporated his culture into his music to create a unique fusion sound that has taken over the Phoenix, Arizona nightlife. His new song, “Cabo Vibes,” which is off of his album, Galvez the Great, can be heard in just about every club around the area. As a result, he was asked to represent Arizona and its team, the Phoenix Suns, during the NBA playoffs, when the team went face to face against the LA Lakers. He performed “Cabo Vibes,” but also got to premier his newest track, “Rally the Valley,” a song created to honor the Phoenix team.

Using his versatility, Dann G has shared the stage with a variety of artists, ranging from Hip-Hop stars such as the Migos, Lil Uzi Vert, and Gucci Mane, to international sensations like Ozuna and Marshmello. Using that leverage, Galvez the Great has already hit the number one spot on the iTunes Latin chart, making “Cabo Vibes” the song of summer 2021. The track will be featuring a release party hosted by Power 98.3 and 96.1 on June 6th in Phoenix at the Golden Margarita.

“I’m just a kid from Phoenix with a big dream,” Dann G says. “I used to go to the park near the Phoenix Suns Arena and play basketball with my brother, so getting to perform at the halftime show is truly a dream come true. I hope that I’m showing kids all over the world, and especially in Phoenix, that they should never give up on their dreams.”

Dann G

It’s so nice to meet you Dann G! I am absolutely loving your new song , “Cabo Vibes.” Can you tell me a bit about your background?

Dann G: “I’m Dann G! I was born in Phoenix, Arizona. My mother came to the US illegally when she was 6 months pregnant with me from Sinaloa, Mexico. Growing up, I never had much. I grew up with a brother and a sister in a very low-income, poor environment. I started writing poems in the 5th grade and I used to freestyle to every beat possible whether it was rap or even corridos, a type of Mexican song. I would try to rap on anything that had a beat to it so I could see if I had it in me to try anything. Eventually it helped me a lot. I officially started recording on tape over Jay-Z’s “Big Pimpin” instrumental and by the time I got to 7th or 8th grade I could freestyle battle people from school at lunch time. That summer of 8th grade, my brother bought me a Mac computer and a microphone and told me to learn it all. So I did. I sat there day and night and eventually got pretty good at mixing my own vocals and making music. I recorded over 15 mixtapes before working with Megawatts. I was just addicted to it.”

What a beautiful story! From rapping to EDM to fusion, you really can do it all. So what inspired “Cabo Vibes”?

Dann G: “Cabo Vibes was just a fun record that I wanted to make so that people felt like they were on their best vacation. Like a dream paradise vacation . I wanted that feeling to start from the time the horn started. Big thank you to Dan Trumpet and Megawatts for bringing the beat to life. I wasn’t inspired by any particular artist because I always felt like I had my own styles, especially when it comes to the way I lace my vocals and write my music. Once I got Alexcis on it I knew right away it was a hit song that could go international. It gives me a global, unstoppable feeling. Like wow, I’m actually going to pop off with it. Amazing! Palm trees, beach vibes, beautiful women singing at the top of their lungs.”

I think you succeeded with that for sure! If you could have any artist remix it, who would you pick?

Dann G: “If I ever do a remix to it, I would have bad bunny or like a Justin Bieber on it. I think that would be fire.”

I can picture it already! So what do you have in store for Summer 2021?

Dann G: “Man, summer 2021 is gonna be a movie. We have a lot in store! Our next big event is June 6th. We also teamed up with Power 98 to give a Cabo trip to a lucky winner. We’re trending in Arizona, we got sold out events, and habibi promotions! We will be at the golden margarita . See y’all there ☄️”

“Cabo Vibes” can be streamed everywhere now. If you want to follow Dann G to see what else he has to get you in the mood for Summer 2021, you can find his social media below.






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