New Single – Ray Rabbit’s “She Likes Money”

Last year, I covered DK Robin’s single, “Work Wife,” a smooth track detailing the story of fantasizing about your co-worker. Well, he’s back with not only a new song but a new name as well. The Vegas artist, now known as Ray Rabbit, recruited Sir Michael Rocks from The Cool Kids, to complete the new track titled “She Likes Money.” You can give it a listen below!

The song, which debuted just two days ago on April 4th, features a smooth, electric R&B beat that plays perfectly with Ray Rabbit’s auto-tuned and melodic vocals. His vocals first introduce the hook, singing the story about a woman enticed by the luxuries in life, pushing him to work hard to provide that for her. The beat works really well to fill in Ray’s gaps, fading out the drums to highlight his flow while also creating a playful back and forth that reflects the mood of the track. The lyrics conjure up a lot of visual imagery to describe this lavish lifestyle, with the flashy effects in the song contributing to the overall theme.

The song then transitions into Sir Michael Rocks’ verse, who, (if you’re reading this), I’ve had the biggest crush on since the “Yellow Haze” days. Just putting that out there. All you have to do is listen to his verse to understand why. His flow is funky yet sexy, balancing bits of humor with intimacy to play off the song. He lures the subject of the song with sex and opulence, using clever wordplay like “pumped your head with smoke now you blowing it out, picked up the names you dropped all over the ground,” ensuring that regardless of what he wants, he’ll put her in her place and keep her grounded.

Overall, the song is rhythmic and catchy. The bouts of comedy don’t detract from the vibe of the song, but instead, just make it that much more fun to enjoy. I do have to especially shout out the line “married to the hustle like 90 day fiancé,” because I laughed over that for a good five minutes. Ray Rabbit and Sir Michael Rocks complement one another really well, and the song is just a good time. I would love to hear the two collaborate on more in the future, especially because it would be very cool to hear Ray on a Cool Kids type track. While his futuristic yet old-school R&B (I know this is an absolute conundrum, but it’s the best way I could describe it!) sound is iconic to his music, I would love to see Ray Rabbit’s range.

If you’d like to keep up with Ray Rabbit on his new releases, you can check him and Sir Michael Rocks out on social media below. Ray has some cool new songs coming out soon, with collaborations including Rockie Fresh and Mark Battles. You won’t want to miss out on these!

Sponsored by Ray Rabbit.

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