Back On the Scene: Valley Droop

California rapper Valley Droop is back in the hip-hop scene with two new singles after taking a hiatus from the music industry. Born in Sri Lanka, Valley Droop used a business mentality to independently navigate his way through the music world, building his own at-home studio at the age of 17. His hard work started to pay off as he became well-known on MySpace, and then even got a single to reach mainstream radio where it continued its momentum for weeks. He even managed to act as his own booking agent, opening for artists such as Veze Skanta and E-40. From there, he opened up multiple businesses that have helped to contribute to his brand as an whole. Although his time away from the music industry was spent on those businesses, he found a way to tie them together, using the storefronts as venues for his music videos and marketing for his music.

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