Back On the Scene: Valley Droop

California rapper Valley Droop is back in the hip-hop scene with two new singles after taking a hiatus from the music industry. Born in Sri Lanka, Valley Droop used a business mentality to independently navigate his way through the music world, building his own at-home studio at the age of 17. His hard work started to pay off as he became well-known on MySpace, and then even got a single to reach mainstream radio where it continued its momentum for weeks. He even managed to act as his own booking agent, opening for artists such as Veze Skanta and E-40. From there, he opened up multiple businesses that have helped to contribute to his brand as an whole. Although his time away from the music industry was spent on those businesses, he found a way to tie them together, using the storefronts as venues for his music videos and marketing for his music.

Valley Droop announced his re-entrance into the music industry with his track, “Higher,” which preaches everything that he’s learned while on his hiatus. The video, which takes place in front of his smoke shop and features his friends in his Valley vs Everybody clothing line, represents his hard work and endeavors from when he put a pause on his music. The song definitely has a West Coast-trap feel to it in terms of the production and flow. Neither are overly complex, but he’s able to share his growth while still creating a catchy song. I appreciate his emphasis on how his lowest points coincided with his music and how he needed to take a break in order to see change, because I feel like it’s a valuable lesson in the music industry that we don’t often discuss. If you’re not in the right space to create, you won’t put out your best work. Also we need to normalize taking breaks from the industry for self-improvement. It can be toxic, and it’s alright to take a step back.

His newest single, “Messin’ Around,” is actually what really took me by surprise though. It’s definitely a cute summer song, but it doesn’t even sound like the same artist! The dynamic between the two tracks is genuinely impressive, and I always commend an artist who can show versatility. The production is interesting and definitely combines elements from different genres to make it appeal to a much wider audience. It’s a fun love song that could be used in movies or TV shoes, and overall has the summer vibes that we need so desperately right now to remind ourselves that yes, summer 2020 did technically happen. Furthermore, Valley Droop has proven that he can hold a tune which is always valuable as a rapper, and those background vocals are *chef’s kiss*. I’d love to see more visuals with this track, like a music video or even a summer clothing line inspired by it.

The song is also doing really well on Tik-Tok! As much as I hate the platform, I always wonder how artists get their songs used on there, especially for random ass trends. One video is literally someone mixing paint to the track and it has like over 30,000 views! What the fuck. I don’t understand it at all, but I respect it.

I really appreciate a good comeback story, and I think Valley Droop has that going for him. His range for his music along with his marketing are extremely strong, and it’s always cool to see an artist who can connect all of their endeavors into one brand. I’m curious to see what he comes up with next and what his plans are as an artist and entrepreneur. If you are as well, make sure to follow his journey and to show him love!

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