Thank You For 10K Views♥

This post is a bit delayed, but I figured it’s never too late to say thank you. As you can tell by the majority of my subject matter from the past year, 2020 was exhausting. The country faced a lot of division, and Covid-19 took hundreds of thousands of lives and jobs, isolating us to a degree that I’ve never personally experienced until now. I was lucky to have my family close by, spending a lot of the last year in Maryland with my parents. The rest of the time was spent in my apartment in Philly. Alone. I’ve never done well just sitting with my thoughts. Frankly, it’s excruciating. But my blog became an outlet for me to vent, whether personally or about political affairs. It also gave me the ability to connect with others, whether they’re artists, trusting me with their music, or music-lovers, diving into the songs that I’ve chosen to analyze. I’ve met some incredible people all around the world thanks to this blog, and it’s been an incredible experience. So thank you for 10,000 views on my personal musical diary. This is me at my most vulnerable, but also me at my most genuine, so to see it so widely accepted is a breath of relief. I can’t wait to share more of my thoughts and incredible artists with you.

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